Alana Mareva

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Alana Mareva
The 4400 character
Alana Mareva - The 4400.jpg
Karina Lombard as Alana Mareva
First appearance "Life Interrupted"
Last appearance "Fifty-Fifty"
Portrayed by Karina Lombard
Occupation Artist
Teacher (4400 Center)
Spouse(s) Tom Baldwin ("husband")
Paul Mareva (deceased husband)
Children Kyle Baldwin ("step-son")
Billy Mareva (deceased son)
Abilities Alternate reality projection

Alana Mareva is a fictional character in the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400, portrayed by Karina Lombard.


Alana was born October 17, 1969, in Tahiti, and disappeared September 5, 2001, from Seattle, Washington. Prior to her abduction, her husband and only son Billy had been killed by a drunk driver. She was an artist who owned an art gallery and travelled the world to purchase pieces for display there.

She has the ability to create subjective alternate realities that only she and an individual whom she touches can perceive. She first used the ability to create a reality without the 4400 in which she met and fell in love with Tom Baldwin over an eight-year span. Subtle flaws in the reality eventually unravelled it and Baldwin encountered some sort of subconscious mental subroutine left by those who took the 4400. This subroutine (appearing to him in Alana's form) told Baldwin that he was destined for hard times and that she had been sent back as a "rock" for him to fall back on.

When NTAC sought Gary Navarro for questioning in connection with the Nova terrorist group, Alana fed him information that enabled him to escape. She fled with him to Canada when the government responded by issuing an arrest warrant for her.

She returned by special arrangement to help Jordan Collier regain his memories. At the time, Tom Baldwin, still in love with her, suggested that a deal might be negotiated that would permit her to remain in the United States without being arrested.

In the third season finale, she was taken in a flash of light, as the original 4400 were shown to be taken by the future. Maia had previously predicted Alana would not be in Seattle when she returned.

In the fourth season premiere, Isabelle tells Tom to go to a museum to find out what happened to Alana. A painting, Alana in Repose, is on display, and was painted in 1885. Isabelle Tyler suggests that Alana was abducted because Tom Baldwin did not kill Isabelle and is being punished by losing Alana.

Paranormal abilities[edit]

Alana can telepathically create a completely realistic subjective alternate reality that she and a person with whom she is in physical contact can perceive. The reality can incorporate ideas from Alana or from her subject and is normally indistinguishable from objective reality. A great deal of time can pass in such realities while very little objective time passes. There is evidence that subjective realities of long duration accumulate subtle errors that permit the subconscious of the subject to recognize them for what they are. Tom Baldwin eventually realized that he was in subjective reality because of such errors. Alana was at that time subjected to the effects of the promicin-inhibitor. Most 4400s developed their abilities or refined their control when no longer dosed with the inhibitor. In season three, Diana Skouris was able to remain in the alternate reality without Alana. It was revealed by that incident that a participant in the alternate reality must be consciously willing to leave it.


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