Alley Cats Strike

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Alley Cats Strike!
Disney - Alley Cats Strike.jpg
Written by Gregory K. Pincus
Directed by Rod Daniel
Starring Kyle Schmid
Robert Ri'chard
Kaley Cuoco
Mimi Paley
Original language(s) English
Running time 103 minutes
Distributor Rastar
Disney Channel
Original release March 18, 2000 (2000-03-18)

Alley Cats Strike! is a Disney Channel Original Movie. It premiered on March 18, 2000.


A citywide high school sports rivalry erupts when the competing schools manage to split the year-long series of athletic events. With the city championship at stake, the bowling teams are put to the test, and a superstar jock must coexist with a group of misfits in order to win the precious title.


  • Kyle Schmid … Alex Thompson
  • Robert Ri'chard … Todd McLemore
  • Kaley Cuoco … Elisa Bowers
  • Mimi Paley … Delia Graci
  • Joey Wilcots … Ken Long
  • Matt McCoy … Mr. Kevin Thompson
  • Hardee T. Lineham … Principal Morris
  • Evan Noble … Leo
  • Gino Giacomini … Flip
  • Tim Reid … Mayor Jeff McLemore
  • Daphne Reid … Mrs. Cathy McLemore
  • Phillip Williams … Sweet Lou
  • Rodger Barton … Mayor Hanburger
  • Roman Podhora … Coach Fetters
  • David Reale … Baron McKay
  • Laura Vandervoort … Lauren
  • Joan Gregson … Ms. Jenson
  • Janet Bailey … Nancy
  • Alisha Morrison … Gina
  • Marcello Meleca … Bubba
  • Bill Lake … Whipsaw
  • Booth Stephenson … Bobby Nagurski
  • David Talbot … Corning
  • Mary Lu Zahalan … Ms. Johnson
  • Paul Constable … Bowling Referee
  • Rufus Crawford … Ken's Dad
  • Elizabeth Lennie … Mrs. Thompson
  • Terry Doyle … Grandpa Thompson


Filming of Alley Cats Strike began on October 25, 1999.[1]

Popular culture[edit]

In 2014, the movie was noted for having the longest plot summary out of all English language movies on the English language Wikipedia.[2][3]


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Pedal to the Steel"   Chris Browne, Ne-Yo, and Wade Robinson Youngstown  
2. "Just Allow"   Norwood Fisher Fishbone and The Familyhood Nextperience  
3. "Body Rockin' Time"   Douglas Shaw, Tom Mgrdichian, and Teddy Castellucci Christian Davis  
4. "Anywhere You Are"   Tom Snow and Jack Feldman Chan Andre  
5. "Pitiful"   Jim Cushnie, Ricky Estrada, David Ferreria, Richard Ferreira and Dennis Leipert Pushover  
6. "Hey Louise"   Matt Leonard Squirtgun  
7. "Camp Hollywood Special"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
8. "When We Dance"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
9. "The Shim Sham Song"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
10. "Let's Get Married"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
11. "Swinging the Century"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
12. "I'm Fallin' in Love Again"   Bill Elliot The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
13. "Skiing Moguls"   Phil Marshall The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra  
14. "Wind Surfing"   Phil Marshall Mersh Bros. Band  


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