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Model 578-DX
Type Propfan
National origin United States
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney / Allison Engine Company
First run 1986

The Pratt & Whitney/Allison 578-DX was an experimental aircraft engine, a hybrid between a turbofan and a turboprop known as a propfan. The 578-DX was developed as a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and Allison. Unlike the competing General Electric GE-36 UDF, the 578-DX was fairly conventional, having a reduction gearbox between the LP turbine and the propfan blades. Noise considerations, plus a significant reduction in the real cost of aviation fuel, brought the NASA funded program to a halt.

The engine was tested with 11.6 ft propfans in 1989 on a modified MD-80.[1]


Data from Air Progress

General characteristics

  • Type: Propfan
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Dry weight:


  • Compressor:
  • Fuel type: Aviation kerosene to MIL-F-5624E / JP-4 / JP-5


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