Campo Alegre / Alto del Cabro (Santurce)

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Campo Alegre / Alto del Cabro
Sector (of Santurce)
Location of Campo Alegre within the District of Santurce
Location of Campo Alegre within the District of Santurce
Location of Alto del Cabro within the District of Santurce
Location of Alto del Cabro within the District of Santurce
Island Puerto Rico
Republic United States of America
District Santurce
Borough San Juan
 • Total 2,106 (combined)
  Source: 2000 United States Census

Campo Alegre and Alto del Cabro are two sub-barrios adjacent to each other with similar characteristics in the District of Santurce. They have a combined land area of 0.28 square kilometres (0.11 sq mi) and a resident population of 2,106 as of the 2000 United States Census.[1] Sadly the area suffered decline after September 11 of 2001 and Gang activity is high.

They are located between Expreso Baldorioty de Castro to the north, Ponce de León Avenue to the south, Cerra Street to the west and Canals and Robles Streets to the east. These sub-barrios, urbanized during the 19th century, are two of the oldest sections of Santurce. The perpendicular streets running north of Ponce de León Avenue are those corresponding to old toponymical alignments of the proprietors throughout Carretera Central.

Arquitectural value[edit]

Campo Alegre pueblerino criollo style home

Today some Masonry structures in the criollo neoclassic style, with two or three-opening façades, some with store (tienda) on street level still exist, although the sector is characterized mainly by its wood vernacular pueblerino criollo constructions.

The most prominent structure of the area, from the architectural-historical point of view, is the Plaza del Mercado de Santurce (Santurce marketplace—also known as La Placita), this West Indian style building is centrally located in the Santurce District and in the center of barrio Campo Alegre and constructed in the first decade of last century.

Farmers′ market[edit]

Plaza del Mercado de Santurce at Campo Alegre

The Plaza del Mercado de Santurce has been active for almost a century and as always, the market stocks fresh farmland produce and provisions; tropical fruits, vegetables and yams to herbs & spices and medicinal & aromatic plants, … a delight for housewives to chefs alike. At noon and in the evenings, quaint restaurants and cantinas with “al fresco” sitting surrounding the Plaza have become popular with the buttoned-up and the bohemian crowds.[2][3]


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