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  • ...that as of 2003, twenty-five percent of all pharmaceutical products manufactured in the United States were shipped from Puerto Rico, and sixteen of the top twenty best selling prescription drugs in the United States were produced on the island?
  • ...that the Puerto Rico Trench, roughly parallel to the island and 75 miles north, is home to the deepest submarine depression in the North Atlantic Ocean, and that the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Depth (27,493 ft / 8,380 m), lies within the trench?
  • ...that Juan Mari Brás is the first and only person to receive a Puerto Rican citizenship certificate from the Puerto Rico State Department since the establishment of the Commonwealth in 1952, an action which has been since questioned by the United States Department of State?
  • ...that after the United States, Puerto Rico is tied with Mexico in hosting the most Miss Universe contests and has the third most titleholders following the United States and Venezuela?
  • ...that Teófilo Cruz is the first and currently only American player to be inducted to the FIBA International Basketball Hall of Fame?

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