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Anafi (Greek: Ανάφη) is a Greek island community in the Cyclades. In 2001, it had a population of 273 inhabitants. Its land area is 40.370 km². It lies east of the island of Thíra (Santorini).


According to mythology, the island was given the name Anafi because it emerged from the depths of the sea to give refuge to the Argonauts from a bad storm. Others say that the names is due to the non-existence of snakes on the island " An Ofis " (without snakes). In spite of its small geographical size, Anafi offers mythological as well as archaeological interest. At the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotisa, there is ruins of a temple built as an offering to the God Apolona. Ruins can also be found at Kasteli, and most of the findings such as the statues are now located at the "Archaeological Museum" at the Chora, in an extremely small room housing these ancient findings.


Anafi is very much an island for walking. Through the old paths and around the steep hills, you could walk to the other side of the island. The most popular beaches would be Klisidi and Roukounas. A peninsula a the eastern end of the island is dominated by a monolithic peak, Mt. Kalamos, among the largest in the Mediterranean at 584m. Perched atop this massif is the Kalamiotissa church, rebuilt in large part after an earthquake in the 1950s. The journey to and from Anafi can only be done by boat, and since they have added more destinations on the way, it takes almost 19 hours.


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