Ankogel Group

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Ankogel Group
Seebachtal Talschluss - Lassacher Winkel.jpg
Seebach Valley near Mallnitz with Hochalmspitze
Highest point
Peak Hochalmspitze
Elevation 3,360 m (11,020 ft)
Ankogel Group is located in Alps
Ankogel Group
Location within the Eastern Alps
Country Austria
States Carinthia and Salzburg
Range coordinates 47°00′57″N 13°19′17″E / 47.01583°N 13.32139°E / 47.01583; 13.32139Coordinates: 47°00′57″N 13°19′17″E / 47.01583°N 13.32139°E / 47.01583; 13.32139
Parent range Western Tauern Alps
Hohe Tauern

The Ankogel Group (German: Ankogelgruppe) is a sub-group of the Central Eastern Alps. Together with the Goldberg Group, the Glockner Group, the Schober Group, the Kreuzeck Group, the Granatspitze Group, the Venediger Group, the Villgraten Mountains and the Rieserferner Group it forms the mountain range of the Hohe Tauern (High Tauern).

The Ankogel Group is located in the Austrian federal states of Salzburg and Carinthia. Its highest peak is the Hochalmspitze, 3,360 m (AA) (11,020 ft).


The Ankogel Group is the easternmost mountain group of the High Tauern and lies on the main chain of the Alps. The Lower Tauern begin further east. The range gets its name from the Ankogel mountain. 3,252 m (10,669 ft).

The Ankogel Group can be further divided into the sub-groups of the Ankogel Massif, the Hochalmspitze Group, the Hafner Group and the Reißeck Group south of the Möll Valley. It comprises the picturesque Maltatal ("valley of falling waters") with the Fallbach Waterfall and the Kölnbrein Dam.

Neighbouring ranges[edit]

The Ankogel Group borders on the following other mountain ranges in the Eastern Alps:

(both also part of the High Tauern)

part of the Southern Limestone Alps.


All the named three-thousanders in the Ankogel Group:[1]

  • Hochalmspitze 3,360 m (AA)
  • Großelendkopf 3,317 m (AA)
  • Großer Ankogel 3,252 m (AA)
  • Jochspitze 3,179 m (AA)
  • Schwarzkopf 3,171 m (AA)
  • Zsigmondyspitze 3,152 m (AA)
  • Preimlspitz 3,133 m (AA)
  • Steinerne Mandln 3,125 m (AA)
  • Winkelspitz 3,112 m (AA)
  • Oberlercherspitze 3,107 m (AA)
  • Kordonspitze 3,102 m (AA)
  • Kleiner Ankogel 3,096 m (AA)
Panorama view from Ankogel


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