Sesvenna Alps

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Sesvenna Alps
Piz Sesvenna (right)
Highest point
PeakPiz Sesvenna
Elevation3,221 m (10,568 ft)
Coordinates46°42′21″N 10°24′10″E / 46.70583°N 10.40278°E / 46.70583; 10.40278Coordinates: 46°42′21″N 10°24′10″E / 46.70583°N 10.40278°E / 46.70583; 10.40278
Alps location map (Sesvennagruppe, AVE).jpg
Location of the Sesvenna Alps.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
CountriesSwitzerland, Italy and Austria
StatesGraubünden, South Tyrol and Tyrol (state)
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps

The Sesvenna Alps are a mountain range located in the Alps of eastern Switzerland, northern Italy and western Austria. They are considered to be part of the Central Eastern Alps.

The Sesvenna Alps are separated from the Silvretta Alps in the north and the Albula Alps in the west by the Lower Engadin valley; from the Livigno Alps in the south-west by the Ofen Pass and Val Müstair; from the Ötztal Alps in the east by the upper Adige valley and the Reschen Pass.

The Sesvenna Alps are drained by the rivers Inn and Adige.


The main peaks of the Sesvenna Alps are:

Peak Elevation
m ft
Piz Sesvenna 3221 10,568
Piz Pisoc 3178 10,427
Piz Plavna Dadaint 3168 10,394
Piz Plavna Dadaint 3166 10,387
Piz Nuna 3124 10,249
Piz Minger 3114 10,217
Piz Lischana 3110 10,204
Piz Madlain 3099 10,167
Piz Cristanas 3092 10,144
Piz Laschadurella 3046  9,993
Piz d'Arpiglias 3027  9,931
Piz Terza 2909  9,544
Piz Macun 2889  9,478
Piz Lad 2808  9,213


The main passes of the Sesvenna Alps are:

Mountain pass location 1 type Elevation
m ft
Fuorcla Sesvenna S-charl to Mals foot path 2824 9265
Schlinig Pass Sent to Mals bridle path 2301 7549
S-charl Pass S-charl to Taufers bridle path 2296 7532
Ofen Pass Zernez to Val Müstair road 2155 7070


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