Antioch Pines Natural Area Preserve

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Coordinates: 36°48′34″N 76°51′32″W / 36.80944°N 76.85889°W / 36.80944; -76.85889 The Antioch Pines Natural Area Preserve is a Natural Area Preserve located along the Blackwater River near Zuni, Virginia. It contains growths of loblolly pine and turkey oak, and supports various species that are rare in the Commonwealth, including Plukenet's flatsedge, sandy-woods chaffhead and viperina; in addition, swales support various species of wildflower, including orchids, trilliums, bellworts and lilies. Also on the property are a pair of longleaf pines which represent some of the last of the species in Virginia; they are currently the subject of a breeding program by the Virginia Department of Forestry designed to restore the pines to their former habitat.

Antioch Pines is located adjacent to the Blackwater Ecological Preserve run by Old Dominion University, being located to its north.