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Antsy Pants is an American band featuring Kimya Dawson on lead vocals and Leo Bear Creek on vocals & ukulele. The band contributed two songs to the soundtrack of Juno. They released their self-titled debut album, Antsy Pants, in 2006. Antsy Pants is part of a musical movement called "skacoustic" that was started by an Erie, Pennsylvania band called Nine Brothel Heist.

Track Listings & Lengths: 'Antsy Pants' [60:00]

1) Big City [1:37]

2) Henry Kelly [2:26]

3) Little Johnny [3:07]

4) Marche du Cote Brilliant [2:30]

5) Vampire [1:21]

6) Leo's Mouth [0.53]

7) Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Sh*t [2:23]

8) Tree Hugger [3:15]

9) The Mission [2:26]

10) Sometimes [3:42]

11) Sleep [1:32]

Another version of the song 'Sleep', without the other artists of Antsy Pants; was also included in Kimya Dawson's album 'I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean" as the 10th track.