Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union

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Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union
Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (emblem).gif
SportRugby union
Founded1974[citation needed]
ChairmanAndrew Cole
Men's coachBruce Morton
Women's coachVanessa Lloyd
Map of Gulf Cooperation Council area

The Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (AGRFU) was the governing body for rugby union that represented the Gulf Cooperation Council member states of the Persian Gulf. To begin with, most matches were played on sand but today almost all matches are played on grass pitches. As well as organising local competitions, the AGRFU also hosts the Dubai round of the IRB Sevens World Series, and hosted the 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Dubai. Teams are mainly made up of expatriates, although an increasing number of locals are getting involved.

The AGRFU administers the Arabian Gulf rugby union team.

In January 2009, the International Rugby Board announced that the AGRFU would cease to exist by the end of 2010, to be replaced by separate unions in each member country. The first new union to be formed is expected to be that of the UAE.[1] More recently,[when?] the union men's XV side finished off its rise from 1995, from having only played a handful of international fixtures to literally gaining respect from Rugby Unions around the world after successive wins against Hong Kong and Korea. The most capped player of the union is Mark Gathercole; this record will now not be beaten as the union has now been disbanded. It is also believed[by whom?] that Gathercole was the only IRB International Prop forward to have played on the IRB's World Series Sevens Circuit and hold a full international XV cap.

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