Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria (1737–1740)

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Archduchess Maria Elisabeth
Extract from a portrait by Martin van Meytens, who represented the three daughters of Maria Theresa who died in infancy.
Full name
Maria Elisabeth Amalia Antonia Josepha Johanna Gabriela Agatha
Father Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Maria Theresa of Austria
Born (1737-02-05)5 February 1737
Vienna, Austria
Died 7 June 1740(1740-06-07) (aged 3)
Burial Imperial Crypt, Vienna

Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria (full name: Maria Elisabeth Amalia Antonia Josepha Gabriele Johanna Agathe; 5 February 1737 – 7 June 1740) was the eldest child and daughter of Maria Theresa, later Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and Duke Francis of Lorraine, later Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.


Maria Elisabeth was born on 5 February 1737 at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Although at first her birth was a disappointment for the court and people of Vienna, who wanted a male heir, she soon became the favorite of her parents. She was a lively and lovely child; even the Emperor Charles VI spoke with pleasure of his eldest granddaughter.

On 7 June 1740, the Archduchess was taken to stomach cramps and vomiting. Marie Elisabeth died that day, aged 3, in the arms of her father. She was buried in the Imperial Crypt, Vienna.

One of her younger sisters was also given the name of Maria Elisabeth.


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