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Highway 45 marker

Highway 45
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Existed: 1926[1] – present
Section 1
Length: 26.97 mi[2] (43.40 km)
South end: AR 96 in Hartford
North end: I-540 / US 71 in Fort Smith
Section 2
Length: 10.64 mi[2] (17.12 km)
South end: AR 59 at Dutch Mills
North end: US 62
Section 3
Length: 25.42 mi[2] (40.91 km)
South end: US 71B in Fayetteville
North end: AR 12 near Clifty
Counties: Sebastian, Washington, Madison
Highway system
AR 44 AR 46

Highway 45 (AR 45, Ark. 45, or Hwy. 45) is a designation for three state highways in northwest Arkansas. The southern segment of 26.97 miles (43.40 km) runs from Highway 96 north across US Route 71 (US 71) to Interstate 540/US 71 (I-540/US 71) in Fort Smith.[3] Another segment of 10.64 miles (17.12 km) runs Highway 59 at Dutch Mills to US 62 in rural Washington County.[4] A third route of 25.42 miles (40.91 km) runs from U.S. Route 71B (US 71B) in Fayetteville to Highway 12 near Clifty.[5] These routes were formerly connected until a portion of approximately 50 miles (80 km) was redesignated Arkansas Highway 59 and many United States highways were rerouted through Fayetteville.[1]

Route description[edit]

Highway 45 between Fayetteville and Goshen (facing east).

Hartford to Fort Smith[edit]

The route begins at Highway 96 in Hartford and runs north to form a concurrency with Highway 252 through Midland. Further north, the route has an Officially designated exception of 0.45 miles (0.72 km) through downtown Hackett.[6] Slightly north of this exception, Highway 45 runs on the Hackett Creek Bridge and continues north to Bonanza. The route intersects Highway 253 and curves east to form a concurrency with US 71. The highway splits from US 71 to the north and, entering Fort Smith and intersecting Highway 255 before terminating at I-540/US 71.[3]

Dutch Mills to Lincoln[edit]

Highway 45 begins at Highway 59 at the incorporated community of Dutch Mills, and runs east past the Bethlehem Cemetery and Twin Bridges Historic District, both on the National Register of Historic Places.[7] The route continues northeast through Clyde before passing the Pyeatte Mill Site and entering the historic community of Canehill. Continuing north, the highway meets US 62 east of Lincoln, where it terminates.[4]

Fayetteville to Clifty[edit]

The third routing of Highway 45 begins at US 71B and runs west as Lafayette Street through Fayetteville. Highway 45 runs through the Washington-Willow Historic District before a sharp left turn onto Mission Boulevard. The highway continues northeast until intersecting Highway 265 and exiting Fayetteville heading east. Passing the Son's Chapel and entering Goshen, the highway continues east through rural Washington County until entering Madison County shortly after a junction with Highway 303.[4] Highway 45 has a junction with Highway 295 before forming a concurrency with US 412 Business north through Hindsville. The route continues north, with US 412B terminating at a junction with US 412 and Highway 45 terminating at Highway 12 near Clifty.[5]


Arkansas Highway 45 was one of the original 1926 state highways. The route ran north from Oklahoma west of Hartford, Arkansas to Clifty.[1] The middle segment was replaced by Arkansas Highway 59 between Van Buren and Dutch Mills, and the route remains fragmented today.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[2] km Destinations Notes
Sebastian Hartford 0.00 0.00 AR 96 – Mansfield, Hartford, Monroe, OK
  4.00 6.44 AR 252 east – Huntington South end of AR 252 overlap
Midland 5.51 8.87 AR 253 north (Third Street) – Excelsior
  6.82 10.98 AR 252 west – Slaytonville North end of AR 252 overlap
Hackett 13.81 22.23 AR 10 west South end of AR 10 overlap
14.26 22.95 AR 10 east – Greenwood North end of AR 10 overlap
Enterprise 19.71 31.72 AR 253 north
Fort Smith 23.07 37.13 US 71 south – Greenwood South end of US 71 overlap
0.00 0.00 US 71 north – Fort Smith North end of US 71 overlap
3.02 4.86 AR 255 (Zero Street) to I-540 – Downtown Fort Smith, Barling
3.90 6.28 I-540 (US 71) to I-40 – Spiro, OK, Van Buren I-540 exit 10
Gap in route
Washington   0.00 0.00 AR 59 to US 62 – Van Buren
  10.64 17.12 US 62 – Lincoln, Prairie Grove
Gap in route
Fayetteville 0.00 0.00 US 71B (College Avenue)
Assembly Road - Mount Sequoyah Assembly Former AR 180 east
2.88 4.63 AR 265 (Crossover Road) to AR 16 – Springdale
  CR 345 Former AR 156 west
Mayfield 14.41 23.19 AR 303 north – Spring Valley
Madison   16.83 27.09 AR 295
  19.32 31.09 US 412B east to US 412 east – Huntsville South end of US 412B overlap
  0.00 0.00 US 412 – Springdale, Huntsville North end of US 412B overlap
  6.10 9.82 AR 12 – Rogers, Clifty, Eureka Springs
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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