1926 Arkansas state highway numbering

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AR 12 historic shieldAR 112 historic shield
1926 era Highway markers for AR 12 and AR 112
A map of highways in the state of Arkansas, 1926
System information
Formed: 1926
Highway names
US Highways: National Road nn
State: State Road nn
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In 1926, Arkansas renumbered its highways into a more traditional format. The system to be replaced was established in 1924 as Arkansas' first comprehensive highway plan.[1] Roads were designated as "primary federal aid roads", "secondary federal aid roads", or "connecting state roads". The Arkansas State Highway Commission implemented the system of United States Numbered Highways also around 1926, and thus Arkansas decided to number its highways instead of using the "letter-nn" format. This resulted in the first true numbering of state highways in Arkansas.

1924 designation meaning
A1-A9 Primary federal aid roads
B1-B43 Secondary federal aid roads
C1-C46 Connecting state roads
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1926 routes[edit]

Note: The links lead to the closest modern-day routing. For example, AR 2 was replaced by U.S. Route 82 in 1932.

New designation From To
State Road 1 McGehee Near Corning
State Road 2 Texarkana Leland
State Road 3 Louisiana Edmondson
State Road 4 Oklahoma Arkansas City
State Road 5 North Little Rock Missouri
State Road 6 Y City Pine Bluff
State Road 7 Camden Harrison
State Road 8 Oklahoma Eudora
State Road 9 Camden Mammoth Spring
State Road 10 Greenwood Little Rock
State Road 11 Near Rowell Hardy
State Road 12 Oklahoma Ash Flat
State Road 13 Louisiana Near Pine Bluff
State Road 14 Omaha Near Marked Tree
State Road 15 Louisiana England
State Road 16 Siloam Springs Marion
State Road 17 Indian Bay Newport
State Road 18 Diaz Barfield
State Road 19 Louisiana Delight
State Road 20 Near Monroe Mississippi River
State Road 21 Near Clarksville Missouri
State Road 22 Fort Smith Dardanelle
State Road 23 Waldron Oak Hill
State Road 24 Lockesburg Camden
State Road 25 Wooster Missouri
State Road 26 Murfreesboro Near Arkadelphia
State Road 27 Ben Lomond Kirby
State Road 28 Near Boles Ola
State Road 29 Louisiana Blevins
State Road 30 Near Little Rock De Witt
State Road 31 Near Sherrill Beebe
State Road 32 Oklahoma Fulton
State Road 33 Near Roe Tupelo
State Road 34 Near Walnut Ridge Piggott
State Road 35 Gaines Landing Benton
State Road 36 Hamlet Georgetown
State Road 100 US 71 in Bentonville Route 88 at the Missouri state line


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