Armenian Communist Party

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This article is about Communist Party established in 1991. For historical party in the Soviet era, see Communist Party of Armenia (Soviet Union).
"HKK" redirects here. For the airport with IATA code HKK, see Hokitika Airport.
Armenian Communist Party
Hayastani Komunistakan Kusaktsutyun
Leader Tachat Sargsyan
Founded 1991
Headquarters Yerevan
Newspaper Hayastani Komunist
Membership 18,000 (self-claimed)[1]
Ideology Communism
Political position Left-wing to Far-left
International affiliation International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Continental affiliation Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Politics of Armenia
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The Armenian Communist Party (Armenian: Հայաստանի կոմունիստական կուսակցություն, ՀԿԿ; Hayastani Komunistakan Kusaktsutyun, HKK) is a communist party in Armenia. It considers itself the successor of the Communist Party of Armenia of the Soviet Union. It main communist party in Armenia and claims 18,000 (mostly elderly) members.[2] HKK publishes Hayastani Komunist and Pravda Armenii.

It should not be confused with the historical Communist Party of Armenia during the Soviet era, nor with Armenian Communist Party of the new independent Republic of Armenia and its follow-up Democratic Party of Armenia.


The title of the party leader is First Secretary.

Election results[edit]

Election Votes  % Seats +/– Position Government
136 / 259
Steady Steady 1st
1995 93,353 12.4
10 / 190
Decrease 126 Decrease 3rd Opposition
1999 130,161 12.0
10 / 131
Steady Increase 2nd Opposition
0 / 130
Decrease 10 Decrease 12th No Seats
0 / 130
Steady Steady No Seats
2012 15,899 1.5
0 / 130
Steady Steady No Seats