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Meaningleader of elves
Other names
Variant form(s)Aubree, Aubrie, Awbery[1]

Aubrey is an English given name. The name is a Norman French derivation of the Germanic given name Alberic, which consists of the elements alf "elf" and ric "power".[2] Before the Norman conquest, the Anglo-Saxons used the corresponding variant Ælf-rīc (see Ælfric).

An early female form is recorded as Aubrée and does not share the same etymology. It is instead derived from the Germanic Albereda or Alberada. It can be found in certain genealogies of the noble Norman families (See for example Aubrey of Buonalbergo).

The name is traditionally male, but is now more commonly used as a feminine name in the United States. It was the 20th most popular name given to girls born in the United States in 2014.[3] The variants Aubree and Aubrie were the 61st most and 428th most popular given names for girls respectively. It was last ranked among the top 1,000 most common names for boys in the United States in 2002. It was the 479th most common name for all males in the United States in the 1990 census.[4]



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