Aufrecht geh'n

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Germany "Aufrecht geh'n"
Eurovision Song Contest 1984 entry
Michael Reinecke
Pierre Cao
Finals performance
Final result
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Appearance chronology
◄ "Rücksicht" (1983)   
"Für alle" (1985) ►

Aufrecht geh'n ("Walk tall") was the German entry in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest, performed in German by Mary Roos. The song was composed by Michael Reinecke with lyrics by Michael Kunze, who previously had written the lyrics to Silver Convention's 1977 entry "Telegram". This was also Mary Roos' second Eurovision entry; she had represented Germany at the 1972 Contest with Nur die Liebe läßt uns leben", placing 3rd in a field of 18.

"Aufrecht geh'n" was the fourteenth performance of the night, following Austria's Anita with "Einfach weg" and preceding Turkey's Beş Yıl Önce, On Yıl Sonra with "Halay". At the close of voting, it had received 34 points, placing it 13th in a field of 19.

The song is a power ballad, with Roos bidding a former lover goodbye at the end of a relationship. She tells herself to "walk tall" and tells him that she will not be waiting for him if he comes back - as she assumes he will. Roos also recorded the song in English and French, then entitled "I'll Walk Tall" and "Du blues et du bleu" respectively.

It was succeeded as German representative at the 1985 contest by Wind with the song "Für alle".

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