Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987

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Eurovision Song Contest 1987
Country  Germany
National selection
Selection process Ein Lied für Brüssel
Selection date(s) 26 March 1987
Selected entrant Wind
Selected song "Laß die Sonne in dein Herz"
Finals performance
Final result 2nd, 141 points
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Germany was represented by the band Wind, with the song "Laß die Sonne in dein Herz", at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 9 April in Brussels. "Laß die Sonne in dein Herz" was the winner of the German national final, held on 26 March. This was the second of three appearances by Wind at Eurovision; they had previously finished second for Germany in 1985 and would return to the contest in 1992.


The final was held at the Frankenhalle in Nuremberg, hosted by Christopher Deumling. 12 songs took part and the winner was chosen by a panel of approximately 500 people who had been selected as providing a representative cross-section of the German public. Other participants included the following year's German entrants Maxi & Chris Garden and Michael Hoffmann, who had represented Germany in 1983 as half of Hoffmann & Hoffmann with brother Günter (who had committed suicide in 1984).[1]

Draw Artist Song Informal translation Votes Place
1 Helen Christie "Lieder der Freiheit" Songs of freedom 3059 8
2 Michael Hoffmann "Ich geb' nicht auf" I don't give up 3190 5
3 Rouge "Einer von uns" One of us 3166 6
4 Wind "Laß die Sonne in dein Herz" Let the sun into your heart 4445 1
5 Sandy Derix "Träume tun weh" Dreams hurt 2902 11
6 Bernd Schütz Band "Visionen in der Nacht" Visions in the night 2929 10
7 Michaela "Das Licht eines neuen Morgens" The light of a new morning 3054 9
8 Bernhard Brink "So bin ich ohne dich" That's the way I am without you 3355 3
9 Maxi & Chris Garden "Frieden für die Teddybären" Peace for the teddybears 4370 2
10 New Generation "Viel zu schön" Much too beautiful 2864 12
11 Denise "Die Frau im Spiegel" The woman in the mirror 3320 4
12 Cassy "Aus" Over 3126 7

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Wind performed 16th in the running order, following France and preceding Cyprus. At the close of voting "Laß die Sonne in dein Herz" had received 141 points (including maximum 12s from Denmark and Iceland), placing Germany second of the 22 entries. Only Greece failed to award any points at all to the song. The 1987 result was very clear-cut, with Germany finishing 31 points behind contest winners Ireland and 38 points ahead of third-placed Italy. The German jury awarded its 12 points to Italy.[2]

Wind became the first act, and to date still the only one, to have finished in second place twice at Eurovision.

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