Australia women's national baseball team

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Australia women's national baseball team
Country  Australia
Federation Australian Baseball Federation
Confederation Baseball Confederation of Oceania
Manager Australia Simone Wearne
Australia's national baseball uniform
Women's World Cup
Appearances 6 (First in 2004)
Best result 2nd (1 time, in 2010)

The Australian women's national baseball team, nicknamed the Emeralds,[1] represents Australia in international women's baseball tournaments and competitions. The team is controlled by the Australian Baseball Federation,[2] which is represented in the Baseball Confederation of Oceania (BCO). They are the only team in Oceania to be formally ranked by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF), and are the 3rd ranked women's baseball team in the world.[3][4] The Emeralds have been in existence since 2001, when the first ever squad was selected from the 2001 National Women’s Championships, held in Sydney.[5] They compete in the biennial IBAF Women’s Baseball World Cup.

The team has competed at all six Women's Baseball World Cups, most recently finishing third in 2014.[6] The next major tournament will be the 2016 Women's Baseball World Cup, which will be held in Gijang City, South Korea in September.[7]

2010 World Cup Roster[edit]

Australia roster - 2010 Women's Baseball World Cup
Players Coaching staff
  • Western Australia
  • 17 Jacinda Barclay
  • Victoria (Australia)
  • 15 Sinead Flanigan
  • New South Wales
  • 44 Melinda Latimer
  • New South Wales
  • 32 Kim McMillan
  • New South Wales
  • 60 Lauren Murphy
  • New South Wales
  • 20 Laura Neads
  • Queensland
  • 22 Taylah Welch
  • Victoria (Australia)
  •  7 Kathy Welsh
  • New South Wales
  • 87 Tahnee Lovering
  • Victoria (Australia)
  • 47 Clare Whittam



  • New South Wales
  • 12 Janna Loudoun
  • New South Wales
  •  2 Tahlia McDonald
  • Victoria (Australia)
  • 31 Amy McCann

Utility players

  • John Gaynor


  • Tim Ballard (Pitching Coach)
  • Dominic Ruggierio (Assistant Coach)

Other staff

  • Anne-Maree Adams (Executive Officer)
  • Joni Ralph-Wilkie (Physiotherapist)

2014 World Cup Roster[edit]


  • Kim McMillan
  • Melinda Latimer
  • Stephanie Gaynor
  • Brittany Hepburn
  • Maddison Lenard
  • Lauren McGrath
  • Laura Neads
  • Jacinda Barclay
  • Georgia Blair
  • Taylah Welch
  • Amy Collins


  • Amy McCann
  • Leigh Godfrey
  • Rachael Higgins


  • Shae Lillywhite
  • Christina Kreppold
  • Natalie Rawlings
  • Bronwyn Gell
  • Katie Gaynor


  • Tahnee Lovering


Coaching Staff[edit]

Head Coach - Simone Wearne
Assistant Coach - Dean White
Assistant Coach - Narelle Gosstray
Assistant Coach - Luke Hughes
Pitching Coach - Graeme Lloyd
Physio - Jonni Ralph
Executive Officer - David Nagy
Technical Analyst - Yasunori Sato

World ranking[edit]

In August 2009 the International Baseball Federation created a ranking system so that the nations involved in international competition could be compared independently. Teams receive points based on the position they finish at the end of World Cup tournaments. Only results at the previous three tournaments years are used, so points are added and removed over time. Points are also weighted so that more recent tournaments have a greater impact on the rankings.[10] Since the rankings were introduced, two editions have been released, the most recent released after the 2010 World Cup.

When the rankings were first introduced, Australia was listed at 4th position; their lowest since the rankings were introduced.[10] Their best position achieved to date is their current position of 3rd.[4]

Tournament Tournament
Ranking Points Position Above Position Below
Rank Team Points
Rank Team Points
4 September 2010[4] 2010 World Cup 2nd 3rd 140.00 2nd  United States +13.33 4th  Canada -6.67
13 August 2009[10] 2008 World Cup* 4th 4th 100.00 3rd  Canada +40.00 5th  Chinese Taipei -20.00
 * - When the rankings were first released, the 2008 World Cup was the most recent tournament completed that had any bearing on the rankings themselves.

Women's World Cup[edit]

Women's Baseball World Cup
Tournament Results
Canada Canada, 2004 4th
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei, 2006 4th
Japan Japan, 2008 4th
Venezuela Venezuela, 2010 2nd
Canada Canada, 2012 4th
Japan Japan, 2014 3rd
Medal Tally
Gold medal world centered.svg
Silver medal world centered.svg
Bronze medal world centered.svg

Of the twelve nations to be represented at the IBAF Women's Baseball World Cup, Australia is one of five teams to have participated in all four of them. To date its best result was in the most recent tournament held in 2010, in which Australia placed 2nd. Previously, the team had finished fourth in each of the tournaments, with medals being shared between Canada, Japan and United States.[11]

At least one Australian has been named to each of the All-Star teams selected at the end of the respective tournaments.

Australian Women's Baseball World Cup Record by Opponent
Opponent Tournaments
Largest Victory Largest Defeat Current
Score Tournament Score Tournament
 Canada 4 2–3 9–4 Chinese Taipei 2006 6–1 Venezuela 2010 L2
 Chinese Taipei 4 4–0 12–0 (F/6) Japan 2008 W4
 Cuba 2 2–0 6–2 Venezuela 2010 W2
 Hong Kong 1 1–0 22–2 (F/5) Chinese Taipei 2006 W1
 India 1 1–0 15–0 (F/5) Japan 2008 W1
 Japan 4 2–3 7–1 Canada 2004 13–3 (F/5) Venezuela 2010 L1
 Netherlands 1 1–0 16–3 (F/5) Venezuela 2010 W1
 United States 4 1–5 19–6 (F/6) Venezuela 2010 11–1 (F/6) Japan 2008 W1
 Venezuela 1 1–1 12–2 Venezuela 2010 8–1 Venezuela 2010 W1
Overall 4 15–12 Against  HKG Against  USA &  JPN L1
22–2 (F/5) Chinese Taipei 2006 11–1 (F/6)
13–3 (F/5)
Japan 2008
Venezuela 2010

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