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Autocunnilingus is cunnilingus performed by a woman on herself, by sucking or using her tongue on her own genitalia as a form of masturbation.[1]


An unusually high degree of flexibility such as that of a contortionist would be required to perform the act.[2][3][4][5] Unlike the male equivalent, autofellatio, which requires a less extreme frontbend and is known to be achievable by a small fraction of the male population, autocunnilingus has not been reliably documented.[6] It has, however, been reported as a self-destructive fantasy,[7] and occurrences have been reported in non-human primates.[8]


In "Besorgung", one of his Venetian Epigrams, Goethe imagined Bettina becoming sufficiently limber to perform autocunnilingus and do without men.[9][10] Camille Paglia compares the resulting image to William Blake's "engravings of solipsistically contorted figures".[11]


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