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D28 state road shield

D28 state road
Route information
Length: 70.7 km (43.9 mi)
Major junctions
From: Državna cesta D10.svg D10 in Gradec interchange

Državna cesta D22.svg D22 in Sveti Ivan Žabno

Državna cesta D43.svg D43 in Bjelovar
To: Državna cesta D5.svg D5 and
Državna cesta D45.svg D45 in Veliki Zdenci
Counties: Zagreb County, Koprivnica-Križevci, Bjelovar-Bilogora
Major cities: Bjelovar
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Bjelovar, on the D28 road route

D28 is a state road in the central Croatia connecting the D5 and D45 in Veliki Zdenci to the D10 in Gradec interchange.[maps 1] The road is 70.7 km (43.9 mi) [1] The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, a state-owned company.[2]

Traffic volume[edit]

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, one of the operators of the road.[3]

D28 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
Državna cesta D28.svg D28 2103 Sveti Ivan Žabno 6,654 6,833 Between the Ž3041 and Ž2229 junctions.
Državna cesta D28.svg D28 2102 Predavac 8,385 8,477 Between the Ž3022 and Ž3300 junctions.
Državna cesta D28.svg D28 2104 Bjelovar bypass 3,529 4,105 Between the Ž3022 and D43 junctions.
Državna cesta D28.svg D28 2106 Prespa 5,258 5,254 Between the Ž3048 and Ž3087 junctions.
Državna cesta D28.svg D28 2110 Bulinac 2,621 2,798 Between the Ž3090 and Ž3280 junctions.

Road junctions and populated areas[edit]

D28 junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg Gradec interchange
Državna cesta D10.svg D10 to A4 motorway Sveta Helena interchange (to the south) and to Križevci (D22) (to the north).
Ž3025 to Vrbovec (D41).
The western terminus of the road.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Cugovec
Ž2211 to Poljana Križevačka and Cubinec (D22) (to the north) and Dubrava (D26) (to the south).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Haganj
Ž3041 to Dubrava, Ivanić Grad and Veleševec.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Škrinjari
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Sveti Ivan Žabno
Državna cesta D22.svg D22 to Križevci and Novi Marof (D3).
Ž2229 to Brezovljani.
Ž2230 to Cirkvena.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Kuštani
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Kenđelovec
Ž2231 to Cirkvena, Farkaševac and the D43 state road.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Markovac Križevački
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Rovišće
Ž3003 to Kraljevac.
Ž3020 to Tuk.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Predavac
Ž3022 within the village.
Ž3300 to Bjelovar.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Državna cesta D43.svg D43 to Đurđevac (D2) (to the north).
To the south, the D28 road and the D43 are concurrent.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Letičani
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Trojstveni Markovac
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Bjelovar
Državna cesta D43.svg D43 to Čazma and the A3 motorway Ivanić Grad interchange (to the south).
To the north, the D28 road and the D43 are concurrent.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Ždralovi
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Prespa
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Severin
Ž3029 to Kašljavac (to the north) and to Dautan, Međurača and Nova Ploščica (to the south).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Bulinac
Ž2232 to Šandrovac, Suha Katalena and Budančevica (D2).
Ž3090 to Nova Rača, Velika Trnovitica and Veliki Pasijan (D26).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Drljanovac
Ž3280 to Nova Rača.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž4002 to Velika Pisanica, Velika Črešnjevica and Pitomača (D2).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Veliki Grđevac
Ž3092 to Donja Kovačica, Slovinska Kovačica and Orlovac.
Ž3093 to Gornja Kovačica and Velika Barna.
Ž3094 to Grubišno Polje and Ivanovo Selo.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Pavlovac
Ž3133 to Ladislav and to (D45).
Ž3282 to Dražica and Orlovac.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Veliki Zdenci
Državna cesta D5.svg D5 to Daruvar, Pakrac and the A3 motorway Okučani interchange (to the south) and to Virovitica (D2) (to the north).
Državna cesta D45.svg D45 to Garešnica and A3 motorway Kutina interchange.
The eastern terminus of the road.


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