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D41 state road shield

D41 state road
Route information
Length82.9 km (51.5 mi)
Major junctions
FromAiga immigration.svg Gola border crossing to Hungary
 Državna cesta D210.svg D210 in Gola
Državna cesta D2.svg D2 in Koprivnica
Državna cesta D22.svg D22 in Križevci
ToDržavna cesta D10.svg D10 in Vrbovec 1 interchange
CountiesKoprivnica-Križevci, Zagreb County
Major citiesVrbovec, Križevci, Koprivnica
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Vrbovec, near the southern terminus of the D41 road
Koprivnica, on the D41 road route

D41 is a state road in the central Croatia connecting the D10 expressway in Vrbovec 1 interchange to Križevci, Koprivnica and Gola border crossing to Hungary.[1][maps 1] The road is 82.9 km (51.5 mi) long.[2]

The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, a state-owned company.[3]

Traffic volume[edit]

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, one of the operators of the road.[4]

D41 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
Državna cesta D41.svg D41 1401 Gola 929 1,066 Between the Ž2116 and Ž2115 junctions.
Državna cesta D41.svg D41 1310 Peteranec 2,291 2,496 Between the Ž2114 and Ž2113 junctions.
Državna cesta D41.svg D41 1311 Sokolovac 3,836 3,809 Adjacent to the L26006 junction.
Državna cesta D41.svg D41 2006 Vrbovečki Pavlovac 5,541 5,461 Adjacent to the Ž3052 junction.

Road junctions and populated areas[edit]

D41 junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
Aiga immigration.svg Gola border crossing[1]
The route extends to Berzence, Hungary.
The northern terminus of the road.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Gola
Državna cesta D210.svg D210 to Ždala, Molve and Virje (D2).
Ž2116 to Novačka and Repaš (D210).
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž2115 to Otočka.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Gotalovo
AB-Brücke.svg Drava Bridge
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž2091 to Šoderica.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Botovo
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Drnje
Ž2260 to Torčec and Đelekovec (D20).
Ž2114 to Hlebine and Molve (D210).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Peteranec
Ž2113 to Ž2114 county road.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Koprivnica
Državna cesta D2.svg D2 to the A4 motorway Ludbreg interchange and Varaždin (D3) to the west and to Virovitica (D5) to the east.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Reka
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Velika Mučna
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Sokolovac
Ž2181 to Srijem and Široko Selo.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž2139 to Veliki Botinovac and Mali Grabičani.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Carevdar
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž2238 to Kloštar Vojakovački.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž2180 to Vojakovec, Čabraji and Ivanec Križevački.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Majurec
Ž2212 to Sveti Petar Čvrstec and Zrinski Topolovac.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Križevci
Državna cesta D22.svg D22 to Novi Marof (D3) (to the north) and Sveti Ivan Žabno (D28) (to the south).
Ž2209 within the town
Ž3002 to Gregurovec, Zaistovec and Komin (D3).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Donja Brckovina
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Bojnikovec
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Mali Raven
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Veliki Raven
Ž2208 to Gregurovec.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž3018 to Gornji Tkalec, Kraljev Vrh and Hudovo.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Donji Tkalec
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Gostović
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Kućari
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Banovo
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Vrbovečki Pavlovec
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Vrbovec
Ž3052 to Gradec interchange (D10).
Ž3288 to Sveti Ivan Zelina (D3) (to the west) and to Dubrava interchange (D3) (to the east).
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Martinska Ves
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Luka
Sinnbild Autoabzweig.svg Državna cesta D10.svg D10 expressway to the A4 motorway Sveta Helena interchange (to the west) and to Križevci interchange (D22) (to the east).
Ž3034 to Dugo Selo.
The southern terminus of the road.


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