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BOR-5 No. 502 at the Central Air Force Museum in Russia
Role Unmanned 1:8 scale re-entry test vehicle
National origin Soviet Union
First flight 5 June 1984
Number built 5

The BOR-5 (БОР-5 Russian: Беспилотный Орбитальный Ракетоплан 5, Bespilotnyi Orbital'nyi Raketoplan 5, "Unpiloted Orbital Rocketplane 5") is a 1:8 sized test flight vehicle, used to study the main aerodynamic, thermal, acoustic and stability characteristics of the Buran. It follows upon the BOR-4 reentry test vehicle.

It was put into a suborbital trajectory by a K65M-RB5 rocket launched from Kapustin Yar, near Volga, towards Lake Balkhash.


BOR-5 No. 505 at the Technik Museum Speyer in Germany

Six flights were made:[1][2]

4 July 1984
5 June 1984
model 501
17 April 1985
model 502
27 December 1986
model 503
27 August 1984
model 504
22 June 1988
model 505

Current locations[edit]

Two survivors of the BOR-5 tests are known to exist:[3]


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