Baloch Republican Army

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Baloch Republican Army
Leader Sahiv Baloch
Commander Sahiv Baloch
Shahyar Baloch
Savzo Baloch
Ustad Baloch
Founded 2007 (2007)
Headquarters Balochistan
Ideology Liberation of Balochistan

Baloch Republican Army (Urdu: بلوچ ریپبلکن آرمی) is an armed separatist group in Balochistan, alleged to be the militant wing of the Baloch Republican Party.[2] The organization was formed in 2006, and since then has been involved in militant activities against the Pakistan Army. The Baloch Republican Army carries out armed attacks against the Pakistani Army and mostly operates through guerrilla tactics such as ambush, sabotage and hit and run activities.

The primary targets of the Baloch Republican Army are the Security Forces of Pakistan and their installations including various headquarters, check-posts and outposts, convoys, offices and personnel; state machinery and infrastructure like railway lines, communication system, gas pipelines, wells and plants, electricity pylons and any other system.

Baloch Republican Army rejects foreign investment in Balochistan whether by Pakistani or any other country through multinational companies, even those close to the Pakistani government.[citation needed] . Many of its fighters train in guerrilla camps in the mountains of Baluchistan and also have a large number of fighters in the urban areas who carry out attacks on the targets like vehicles of Pakistani forces. BRA is mostly active around Dera Bugti and enjoys large public support there.

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