Balochistan Police

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Balochistan Police
Common name Balochistan Police
Balochistan Police Logo.svg
Logo of the Balochistan Police
Agency overview
Formed 1946
Preceding agency Provincial Police
Employees 38,000
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Legal jurisdiction Balochistan
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Quetta
Agency executive Mr. Ahsan Mehboob PSP, Inspector General of Police
Parent agency Police Service of Pakistan

Balochistan Police (Baloch, Urdu: بلوچستان پولیس) is responsible for policing urban Balochistan, Pakistan. Its strength was 38000 as of 2014.[1] The current Inspector General of Police, Balochistan is Ahsan Mehboob.

Law enforcement in Balochistan[edit]

Service colour Dark blue and red
Uniform colour Black, Khaki[2]

Balochistan Police is responsible for the law and order situation in mostly urban areas only, which are called A areas. This division has been in place, in various forms, since the time of the British Raj. Balochistan's rural areas, called B areas, are policed by the Balochistan Levies. The Frontier Corps operates in both areas. This division is seen as a severe handicap by the police as criminals based outside their limited area of jurisdiction can easily plan attacks and run away.

The distinction was eliminated by Musharraf, however, it was brought back by the PPP government of 2008 under CM Balochistan Aslam Raisani. The frequent swings in policy obviously do not allow institution-building and hurt the agencies' abilities to deal with crime.

Nature of Crime[edit]

Since Pakistan's post 9/11 involvement in the war on terror, the nature of crime in Balochistan has substantially. Over the last decade, targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, terrorist attacks, especially sectarian in nature, have risen substantially. For example, in 2013 there were many huge bomb blasts targeting the Hazara community in Quetta as well.[3] htm as various attacks on the police including senior officials.

2008 - 2013 PPP Rule[edit]

PPP formed a government in Balochistan and ruled in a coalition with Nawab Aslam Raisani as Chief Minister. Aslam Raisana chose Humayan Joegazai as CCPO Quetta, who was known to have close links with lashkar-e-Jhangvi. During the start of his career, he ordered policemen to fire live rounds at Hazara protesters. 25 innocent civilians were killed. He was brought back to Quetta by Raisani and during his tenure, things once again took a turn for the worse, particularly for the Hazara community.

Improvement in 2014[edit]

The number of terrorist attacks dropped from 205 in 2013 to 154 in 2014 (a 25 percent decline) and the number of people killed in terrorist attacks fell from around 350 in 2013 to 48 in 2014 (an 86 percent decline).[4]

Current IGP Balochistan[edit]

Ahsan Mehboob is a 10th Common, BPS-21 Police Service of Pakistan officer.

IGPs of Balochistan Police[edit]

S.#. Name From To
30 Mr. Ahsan Mehboob 02-11-2015 To-Date
29 Mr. Muhammad Amlish 17-06-2014 02-09-2015
28 Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera 25-02-2013 16-06-2014
27 Mr. Tarik Umar Khitab 15-06-2012 23-02-2013
26 Mr. Hussain Karrar Khawaja (As Acting IGP Bln) 11-05-2012 15-06-2012
25 Rao Amin Hashim 18-05-2011 10-05-2012
24 Mr. Ghalib Ali Bandesha (As Acting IGP Bln) 08-04-2011 16-05-2011
23 Mr. Malik Muhammad Iqbal 13-07-2010 06-04-2011
22 Syed Jawed Ali Shah Bukhari 06-08-2009 13-07-2010
21 Mr. Fakhuruddin (As Acting IGP Bln) 02-07-2009 05-08-2009
20 Mr. Asif Nawaz 09-08-2008 02-07-2009
19 Mr. Saud Gohar 04-11-2007 09-08-2008
18 Mr. Tariq Mehmood Khosa 18-01-2007 03-11-2007
17 Ch. Muhammad Yaqoob 30-05-2004 31-12-2006
16 Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle 19-09-2001 30-05-2004
15 Syed Kamal Shah 24-07-2000 16-09-2001
14 Mr. Abdul Qadir Hayee 28-11-1999 24-07-2000
13 Mr. Muhammad Habib Khan 30-11-1998 27-11-1999
12 Mr. Asif Ali Shah 29-04-1997 30-11-1998
11 Mr. Javaid Qayum Khan 31-10-1995 29-04-1997
10 Mr. Faqir Zia Masoom 25-07-1993 31-10-1995
9 Mr. Gohar Zaman 06-08-1992 25-07-1993
8 Mr. Muhammad Aziz Khan 13-02-1991 05-08-1992
7 Mr. Kamar Alam 30-09-1984 03-02-1991
6 Syed Saadat Ali Shah 04-09-1982 11-08-1984
5 Mr. Dilshad Naj-Ud-din 05-07-1977 28-08-1982
4 Comdr. M.A.R. Arif 26-09-1974 04-07-1977
3 Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan 13-03-1973 12-04-1974
2 Mr. Masroor Hassan 07-02-1972 25-05-1972
1 Ch. Fazal-E-Haq 01-07-1970 17-01-1972

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