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Bankidas Ashiya was a Rajasthani poet and scholar. He was from the Charan family of the Indian state Rajasthan

He was born in 1771 (1828 Vikram Samvat). He has composed between 1803 and 1833. He wrote several religious poems, didactic poems and also on the then situation of the society.

He died in about 1833.


His composed poems are:

  • Moha Mardana: a didactic poem
  • Anyokti Panchasika: an allegorical poem on morality
  • Krupana Darpana: ridiculing the misers
  • Mavadiya Mijaja: criticizing the effeminate persons
  • Chugala Mikha Chapetika: poem against sycophants
  • Vaisa Varta: poem condemning the prostitution
  • Vidura Battisi: on problems of illegitimate of maid-servants and servants
  • Duha Ayasaji Maharaja Devanatha Ra: On spiritual teacher of Maharaja Mansingh of Jodhpur
  • Jhamala Thakuran Rupsinghji Ra: on Rup singh, the son of Arjun Singh Udawata
  • Santosa Bavani: praising virtues of men and condemning their vices
  • Dhavala Pachchisi: On heroism, treating the bull as the symbol of hero
  • Niti Manjari: a poem on ethics
  • Gangalahari



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