Bantog, Tarlac

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Bantog, Tarlac
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Bantog, Tarlac is located in Philippines
Bantog, Tarlac
Location in the Philippines
Coordinates: 15°46′20.39″N 120°37′21.38″E / 15.7723306°N 120.6226056°E / 15.7723306; 120.6226056Coordinates: 15°46′20.39″N 120°37′21.38″E / 15.7723306°N 120.6226056°E / 15.7723306; 120.6226056
Country  Philippines
Region Central Luzon (Region III)
Province Tarlac
District 1st District
Barangays 1 of 18 Barangay of Anao
 • Total 599
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 2310
Income class 5th class

Barangay Bantog is one of the 18 barangays of Anao Municipality, Tarlac, Philippines, located in the northern town of Anao and considered one of its most remote villages. Its area is 705,824 square meters and its population is currently 599. Barangay Bantog is surrounded by other towns and villages: Moncada Tarlac to the west, Cuyapo Nueva Ecija to the east, and San Manuel Pangasinan to the north.

Welcome to Brgy Bantog

Bantog is derived from the Ilocano word that means "high" because the area is less likely to be flooded. It also is derived from a Tagalog word that means "famous" or "popular".

The primary languages spoken in Bantog are Ilocano and Tagalog. Other dialects are kapangpangan, pangalatot, igurot and itneg. The diligence of the people is manifest by their type of employment such as animal care planting of rice, vegetables. Tobacco are usually planted after the harvest of grains. Barangay Bantog is also rich in fishing, and it's a year long process.

Fishing with net

Barangay Bantog is advancing to the 21st century and slowly being develop by officials and its residents.

students performing folk dance by grade level

Barangay Bantog often celebrates its yearly fiesta on April with school parade and its muse, and its streets are decorated with colorful designs. Bantog Elementary School participate in performing dances and voting its muses and Kings and Queens. The marching band from the school participates and performs for the residents. The Kings and Queens, Prince and Princes are ranked by the amount of fundraising collected. All Raised money from the contest will be used for School spending and facility upgrades.

Community Project[edit]

Community Project involvement is very important in Barangay Bantog. Letting everyone pitch in making the barangay green and clean. A community effort keeps everyone busy and healthy.

Welcome to Bantog

It shows that everyone moving in the same direction for a better, greener and brighter future, with the help of the barangay Captain and all its officials.

Working Together

Community meeting help insure that all residents are aware of all changes and new project. This keep everyone in the same page and topic.

Community Meeting


According to the first people to settle in this area, Bantog was discovered in 1870 but became a full Anao village in 1900. The first people to settle here was led by Venancio Aban, Lucio Ramos, Miguel Gallardo, Leodigario Peralta, Emiterio Gallardo, Luis Alavazo, Hospicio Ramos, and Mariano Alavazo. In history of this village, who had also given as part of their service by Leodigario Peralta as the first Lieutenant del Barrio, Dionisia Aguyaoy as the first teacher,Arcadio Aban as first councilor of the city and Pedro Alavazo as the first captain del Barrio. Barangay Bantog didn't have an elementary school back then; students traveled to nearby villages to attend school. Arcadio Alavazo Aban son of Venancio Aban and Petra Alavazo, started the elementary school in Bantog and it is now called "Bantog Elementary School".

Barangay Official 2012-2013[edit]

Official Boards

Barangay Captain

  • Welfredo Velasco


  • Susan Aban Pascua
  • Jay Art Randy M. Adolfo
  • Pedro H. Hailar Jr
  • George Sison Peralta
  • Rhowell C Casildo
  • Augusto E Ramos
  • Alberto R Peralta

S.K. Chairman

  • Alan Alavazo Aban Jr


  • James B Hailar Jr
  • Daryl P Hailar Jr
  • Jeffrey A Quilondrino
  • Ma. Katrina J Jornales
  • Reymark D Peralta
  • Anna Michelle Q Magalit
  • John Rod Carbonel

Barangay Secretary

  • Zacarias Sison Aban

Barangay Treasurer

  • Dominica A Aquinas

Barangay Officials 2016[edit]

Barangay Captain
  • Wilfredo G Velasco

Barangay Kagawad

  • Dominador R. Rafil
  • Jackson D. Carboniel
  • Pepito Q. Fernandez
  • Susan A. Pascua
  • Augusto E. Ramos
  • Alberto R. Peralta
  • Pedro H. Hailar Jr
Barangay Secretary:
  • Zacarias S. Aban

Barangay Treasurer:

  • Dominica A. Aquines

Day Care Worker:

  • Letecia Daduyo


  • Josephine Juan


  • Antonette Eraste
  • Snooky Angala
  • Bernardino C. Gallardo
  • Dante Ramirez
  • Ronell Rodriguez
  • Rogelio Alavazo
  • Noli Ramirez
  • Juanito Alavazo
  • Roel Velasco
  • Joseph Angala
  • Noli Eraste
  • Nestor Almazan Jr.
  • Brayle Aban
  • Nelson Aban


Barangay Bantog is just one of 18 barangays of Anao

  • San Francisco East
  • San Francisco West
  • San Jose North
  • San Jose South
  • San Juan
  • San Roque
  • Santo Domingo
  • Sinense
  • Suaverdez


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