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Barlow Trail
Location Calgary, Alberta

Barlow Trail is a major arterial road in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is composed of multiple parts: Barlow Trail North extends north to the city limits (though Barlow Trail is a rural road north of Country Hills Boulevard), where Deerfoot Trail takes its alignment out of the city, and south to 17 Avenue SE, while Barlow Trail S leads from Deerfoot Trail at the intersection with Peigan Trail to Deerfoot Trail near the intersection with 130 Avenue SE. The portions are connected by 26 Street SE to form one continuous route.

Barlow Trail is run roughly where the fifth meridian lies in the Dominion Land Survey; the road is named for Noel Barlow, a Carseland resident who served as the ground crewman to Douglas Bader, a Royal Air Force flying ace in World War II.[1] Calgary International Airport is bounded on the east by Barlow Trail.

Barlow Trail North[edit]

Barlow Trail North used to be the primary road to Calgary International Airport. On April 3, 2011, the section of Barlow Trail between Airport Trail NE and 48th Avenue NE was permanently closed in order to provide space for a fourth runway at the airport; the primary north-south entrance to the airport was diverted to Airport Trail via Deerfoot Trail to the west.

Prior to the construction of Deerfoot Trail, Barlow Trail served as a portion of Alberta Highway 2 from the northern city limits to 17 Avenue; Highway 2 continued southbound on Blackfoot Trail until 66 Avenue SE (the present-day Glenmore Trail) before turning southbound on Macleod Trail.

km Intersection Notes
0 17 Avenue SE Enter from westbound 17 Ave SE at 28 St SE
0.1 27 Street SE
0.3 26 Street SE
0.9 12 Avenue SE
1.0 11 Avenue SE
1.2 Memorial Drive Par-clo interchange
1.5 3 Avenue SE Eastbound only
1.7 2 Avenue SE Eastbound only, accessible from northbound Barlow Tr SE only
2.0 Centre Avenue E
2.4 4 Avenue NE Eastbound only
2.7 7 Avenue NE Eastbound only
3.6 16 Avenue NE (Trans-Canada Highway) Cloverleaf interchange
4.4 23 Avenue NE / Sunridge Way NE
4.7 27 Avenue NE / Sunridge Boulevard NE
5.3 32 Avenue NE
5.8 37 Avenue NE
6.1 39 Avenue NE Eastbound only
6.5 McKnight Boulevard NE
6.9 48 Avenue NE Road permanently closed past here until Airport Trail NE
12.1 Airport Trail NE
12.5 100 Avenue NE
13.4 Freeport Boulevard NE
13.7 Country Hills Boulevard NE
15.4 North end of Barlow Trail NE Near Stoney Trail NE

Barlow Trail South[edit]

Barlow Trail South serves as an arterial road through the southeast industrial areas.

km Intersection Notes
0 Peigan Trail SE / Deerfoot Trail SE (Alberta Highway 2)
0.8 50 Avenue SE
1.3 26 Street SE / 57 Avenue SE Westbound only
1.4 54 Avenue SE / 56 Avenue SE Eastbound only
2.1 56 Avenue SE Westbound only, access from northbound Barlow Tr SE only
2.4 61 Avenue SE
2.9 66 Avenue SE Westbound only
3.5 72 Avenue SE
3.9 76 Avenue SE Eastbound only
4.6 Glenmore Trail SE
5.4 90 Avenue SE
6.4 Shepard Road
7.0 106 Avenue SE Eastbound only
7.8 114 Avenue SE
8.7 Deerfoot Trail SE

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