Blackfoot Trail

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Blackfoot Trail
Length 10.3 km[1] (6.4 mi)
Location Calgary, Alberta
South end Southland Drive
Heritage Drive
Glenmore Trail
North end Deerfoot Trail (Hwy 2) /
17 Avenue SE

Blackfoot Trail is a road in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is named for the Blackfoot Confederacy, and more specifically the Siksika Nation, located east of Calgary. The road runs from 17 Avenue SE in the north, where Blackfoot Trail meets Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2), to Southland Drive in the south. It is the historical alignment of Highway 2 in south Calgary.[2] The section of Blackfoot Trail between 19 Street SE and Deerfoot Trail is a former alignment, and still technically part of, 17 Avenue SE;[2][3] however, it is generally referred to as being part of Blackfoot Trail.[4]


"Blackfoot Chiefs" by Paul Kane (1873-1946)
Highway 2 in Calgary in the late 1960s (red line) when it followed the alignment of present-day Macleod, Glenmore, and Blackfoot Trails, 17 Avenue SE, and Barlow Trail. The green line represents the present-day alignment of Deerfoot Trail.

Prior to the construction of Deerfoot Trail, which was originally named the Blackfoot Trail Freeway, Blackfoot Trail was the routing of Highway 2 through the southern portion of Calgary. It continued south to 66 Avenue SE (present-day Glenmore Trail) and Macleod Trail. At the north end, Highway 2 continued east on 17 Avenue SE, before turning north to Barlow Trail. [5][6]

Major intersections[edit]

From south to north.[2] The entire route is in Calgary.

0.00.0Southland DriveSouthern terminus; adjacent to Deerfoot Trail interchange (Hwy 2 Exit 245)
1.30.8185 Avenue SE
1.91.2Heritage Drive
2.71.771 Avenue SE
3.42.1Glenmore TrailPartial cloverleaf interchange
4.32.758 Avenue SE
4.83.053 Avenue SE
5.43.4Manhattan Road / 46 Avenue SE
5.93.742 Avenue SE
6.44.0Highfield Road
8.05.026 Avenue SE / Ogden RoadPartial cloverleaf interchange
8.75.4Alyth Road
8.95.515 Street SE – City CentreAccess to 9 Avenue SE
9.45.817A Street SE / 19 Street SE – City CentreAccess to 9 Avenue SE; 17 Avenue SE concurrency begins
9.76.0Cushing Bridge across the Bow River
10.36.4 Deerfoot Trail (Hwy 2)Partial cloverleaf interchange (Hwy 2 Exit 254); northern terminus
Continues east as 17 Avenue SE
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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