Battle of Kunfuda Bay

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Battle of Qouz Bay
Part of the Italo-Turkish War
Date 7 January 1912
Location Qouz Bay, today Saudi Arabia
Result Italian victory
 Kingdom of Italy  Ottoman Empire
1 protected cruiser
2 destroyers
7 gunboats
1 armed yacht
Casualties and losses
none 7 gunboats destroyed
1 yacht captured

The Battle of Kunfuda Bay was the largest naval battle of the Italo-Turkish War. On 7 January 1912, the Italian protected cruiser Piemonte and the destroyers Artigliere and Garibaldino, cruising the Red Sea, discovered twelve Ottoman ships in Qouz Bay, near the present day Al Qunfudhah, Saudi Arabia. The vessels engaged for over three hours and in the end four Ottoman gunboats were sunk and one yacht was captured along with four large dhows. Three other gunboats were heavily damaged during the battle and grounded on the beach. The Italians sailors destroyed these vessels the following morning before steaming away to blockade Hodeidah.[1]


Coordinates: 19°8′9.2″N 41°3′54.3″E / 19.135889°N 41.065083°E / 19.135889; 41.065083