Battle of Toksun

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Battle of Toksun
Part of Kumul Rebellion
Date 1933
Location Toksun, Xinjiang
Result Republic of China victory

Taiwan Republic of China

Uighur peasant Army
Commanders and leaders

Taiwan Ma Zhongying

Taiwan Ma Shih-ming
Khoja Niyas Hajji
36th Division unknown number of Chinese Muslim cavalry and foot soldiers Uighur peasant Army
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy casualties

The Battle of Toksun occurred in July 1933 when Khoja Niyas Hajji, a Uighur leader, defected with his forces to Gov. Sheng Shicai. He marched across Dawan Ch'eng and occupied Toksun, where the 36th Division forces of Gen. Ma Shih-ming achieved victory over Niyas Hajji's forces.[1]


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