Bauhinia monandra

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Bauhinia monandra
Bauhinia monandra.jpg
Scientific classification
B. monandra
Binomial name
Bauhinia monandra
  • Bauhinia kappleri Sagot
  • Bauhinia krugii Urb.
  • Bauhinia porosa Baill.
  • Bauhinia punctiflora Baker
  • Bauhinia richardiana Voight
  • Caspareopsis monandra (Kurz) Britton & Rose

Bauhinia monandra is a species of leguminous trees, of the Fabaceae family.[2] Common names include pink bauhinia,[3] orchid tree,[3] and Napoleon’s plume.[3] Naturally they grow in Madagascar, but have naturalised in Burma, Australia, Christmas Island, the Caribbean, southern USA and the Pacific Islands.[2][4] The species is invasive in New Caledonia.[5]

Seed pod


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