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Beban is located in Iraq
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 36°41′55″N 43°9′7″E / 36.69861°N 43.15194°E / 36.69861; 43.15194Coordinates: 36°41′55″N 43°9′7″E / 36.69861°N 43.15194°E / 36.69861; 43.15194
Country Iraq
DistrictTel Kaif District

Beban (Arabic: بيبان, Kurdish: بێبان, romanized: Bêban)[1][2] is a village located in the Tel Kaif District of the Ninawa Governorate in northern Iraq. The village is located 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southeast of Alqosh in the Nineveh Plains. It belongs to the disputed territories of Northern Iraq.[3][4] Beban has exclusively Yazidi population.[4]


The name Beban is derived from the Assyrian "Beth-Bane".[4]


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