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The Elizabeth Lookout (Hungarian: Erzsébet-kilátó) is a historic lookout tower on János-hegy above Budapest. Built in 1911, the tower was named after Empress Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Frigyes Schulek was the architect. The tower is near Budapest's District XII, and may be reached from the Széll Kálmán tér of Budapest. At first, there was a low wooden platform, which was demolished. After that, Frederick Gluck had an idea, to raise a stone tower and then he started gathering investors for the project. Budapest[1] city approved the project in 1907 and Schulek Frederick received the commission to build the tower. The construction started in 1908 and Paul Kluczinger was the construction manager. The tower was built from haraszti limestone. The lookout named after Queen Elizabeth, who visited the mountain in 1882.

Buda hills[edit]

At 527 metres, János-hegy is the highest point in Budapest. Other hills in the area, Nagy-Hárs-hegy and Kis-Hárs-hegy, reach 454 metres and 362 metres, respectively. In clear weather, the Mátra Mountains are visible, 80 kilometres distant. On the far eastern horizon one might see the Great Hungarian Plain (Hungarian: Nagyalföld).


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Coordinates: 47°31′5.51″N 18°57′33.06″E / 47.5181972°N 18.9591833°E / 47.5181972; 18.9591833