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Bernini is a men's fashion company based in Beverly Hills that was popularized in the 1990s. Owned By Yousuf Tar and expanded rapidly into multiple stores.[1][2] The clothing was sold out of a boutique store on Rodeo Drive before adding multiple locations there and elsewhere.[1][2][3] Bernini's stores offers "the very best menswear", and some branches sell custom-made suits.[3] Pricing for a suit, shirt, and shoes could run into the thousands of dollars.[1]

Visitors to the line's many stores have included rappers like Puff Daddy and basketball player Michael Jordan.[1][4]

By 1998, Bernini had expanded to three locations on Rodeo Drive, including the original store at 346 N. Rodeo, Bernini Sport at 326 N. Rodeo, and Bernini Couture at 355 N. Rodeo[5]—leading to the facetious observation that Rodeo Drive was "threatening to become 'Bernini Drive'".[2]

In Early 2000 Bernini opened several outlet shops one in the cabazon outlets near Palm Springs California and the then Brand new Ontario Mills Mall to name a few. Using the DBA OFF RODEO DR the new outlet quickly poplularized and was the one stop shop for star that lived near the Inland Empire d=As of 2009, Bernini also operated a number of shops in Las Vegas, including a Bernini and "the fancy men's clothing store"[4] Bernini Collections at Caesars Palace Forum shops, a Bernini Couture at Caesars Palace Appian Way shops, and The Bernini Collezioni at the MGM Grand, which sells items from other companies including Brioni, Canali, Versace, Hugo Boss, and Zegna.[3]


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