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For the enzyme database, see BRENDA.
Gender Feminine
Language(s) English
Other names
See also Brendan

Brenda is a feminine given name in the English language.


The origin of the name is uncertain, but it may be derived from a Scandinavian language, rather than a Celtic language like the similarly-spelt masculine given name Brendan. It is possible that Brenda may be derived in part from the Old Norse element brand, meaning "(flaming) sword".[1]


Prior to the 20th century, Brenda was primarily used in Ireland and Scotland,[1] later it became popular in England.[2] Its use in the Gaelic-speaking countries is attributed to the similar, although likely etymologically unrelated, masculine name Brendan.[1]

"Brenda" is used as a nickname for Queen Elizabeth II by the satirical magazine Private Eye. The comedian Stanley Baxter played the "Duchess of Brenda", a character loosely based on the Queen.


Fictional characters[edit]




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