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Brian Mackey is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and composer from New York City, USA.

In 2008 Mackey released his first EP, Feng Shui for Slobs, with 3 tracks "Painted Red", "Radio," and "Bandage." This release garnered the placement of "Painted Red" on the Disney TV show, Naturally Sadie.

In 2009, Mackey released his second EP, Brian Mackey Red. In 2010, he released his third and most popular EP, Honest Love. Honest Love was so well received that songs from the project were featured on Viso Music, US Airways In-Flight Radio, and the Songs of Love for Japan compilation, alongside Sara Bareilles and Ani DiFranco. "Honest Love" was chosen for "Unicef, UK Live Below the Line campaign", and for an Arla Foods commercial, Denmark. [1]

Mackey was also selected as a Supercuts Rock the Cut Artist Ambassador shortly after.[2]

Mackey’s songs, including “Color Blue” and “Honest Love,” have also been sought out for use in motion pictures: The Boys of Abu Ghraib; 29,000 Wishes, 1 Regret (directed by Oliver Robins); Fake; and Fathoms Deep.

Brian released the single "America" in 2014, and later that year released the full length album, "Broken Heartstrings". His music video for "America" and Q+A premiered exclusively on CMT Edge, October 24, 2015 [3]


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