Brian W. Cook

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Brian W. Cook
Born Brian William Cook
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Occupation Film director, assistant director, producer, actor
Years active 1963 - present
Children 2, Alexandra Kettle Cook & Toby Cook

Brian William Cook is a British film director, assistant director, producer and actor.[1][2][3]


Cook has worked as a producer and assistant director on five films with Michael Cimino, three films with Stanley Kubrick and two with Sean Penn. His producing credits include The Pledge and Eyes Wide Shut. In 2005, he directed Colour Me Kubrick starring John Malkovich as Stanley Kubrick’s impostor Alan Conway. In addition to developing his own projects, he oversees the physical development and production of all content at the transmedia and story technology studio Fablemaze.

Personal life[edit]

Cook has two children.




Year Film Credited as
Director Assistant Director Producer Actor (Role) Production Manager
1965 The Liquidator Yes
1966 Alfie Yes
1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Yes
1966 The Deadly Affair Yes
1969 Alfred the Great Yes
1971 The Last Valley Yes
1972 Young Winston Yes
1973 The 14 Yes
1973 The Wicker Man Yes
1975 Barry Lyndon Yes
1976 Under The Doctor Yes
1976 Sky Riders Yes
1977 Seven Nights in Japan Yes
1977 Orca Yes
1977 Golden Rendezvous Yes
1979 The Kids Are Alright Yes
1980 North Sea Hijack Yes
1980 Dominique Yes
1980 The Shining Yes
1980 Making The Shining Yes
1980 Flash Gordon Yes
1980 Heaven's Gate Yes
1981 History of the World: Part I Yes
1981 Prisoners Yes
1981 Race for the Yankee Zephyr Yes
1982 Turkey Shoot Yes
1984 Second Time Lucky Yes
1985 Hot Target Yes
1985 Year of the Dragon Yes
1986 King Kong Lives Yes
1987 The Sicilian Yes
1989 Casualties of War Yes
1990 Stella Yes
1990 Desperate Hours Yes
1991 F/X2 Yes
1991 Billy Bathgate Yes
1992 Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Yes
1993 Last Action Hero Yes
1993 Nowhere to Run Yes Yes
1994 The Chase Yes
1995 The Crossing Guard Yes
1996 The Sunchaser Yes
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Yes Yes Yes
2000 A Shot at Glory Yes
2001 The Pledge Yes Yes
2002 Equilibrium Yes Yes
2004 Churchill: The Hollywood Years Yes
2004 Countryfile Yes
2005 Colour Me Kubrick Yes Yes
2009 iD3 Yes
2013 The Show Yes
2014 Closer to the Moon Yes
2014 The Fault in Our Stars Yes

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