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Bronx Theatre High School is a high school in the Marble Hill section of Bronx, New York. William J. Doyle is the current principal. It is currently a small school located within the John F. Kennedy High School building. The enrollment is about 435 students.


The school was established and founded in 2003 under the leadership of Principal Debi Effinger in collaboration with the Roundabout Theater Company. The first freshman class entered with an estimated 100 kids. These students were the first graduating class of Bronx Theatre High School in the spring of 2007.


Along with required academic classes (Math, English, Science, and History), Bronx Theatre High School offers theatre arts classes such as acting, costume design, set design, and theatre business. All four of these arts classes work as an ensemble to put on a final production. The script used for the current production usually ties with the academic curriculum. In the students' history class, they study the time era of the text, and in English they have a chance to analyze the text to achieve a greater understanding of the story.

Past productions[edit]

The following are past productions performed by the first graduating class at Bronx Theatre high School:

(2014-2015) Student written play "Dead of Night: A Cinderella Tragedy" by Lena Smith The Crucible In the Heights

(2013-2014) A Murder is Announced Chicago






The arts[edit]


Students of the acting class learn to trust each other and work as an ensemble towards one shared goal. They go through an extensive vocal and physical warm-up to prepare their bodies, an actors instrument, for their class. After the play has been cast, rehearsals begin. The students learn the art of telling a story with their bodies, blocking, and the proper way to move on a stage. Acting techniques and coaching are given by the acting teacher who is also the director of the production.

Costume design[edit]

Students of the costume design class first learn how to improve their sketching abilities of the human form and proportion. This enables them to present an effective design for the production. They research the style of clothing of the particular era the play is set in. After research, students are encouraged to create their own inspired designs from what they have seen. After the sketches are drawn and the play has been cast, a student or a group of students are assigned to one or more characters costumes. From there students learn pattern making and professional construction of a costume.

Set design[edit]

Students of the set design class first learn how to improve their sketching abilities of a certain space. They also learn the art of perspective and how to create realistic drawings. Doing this also enables them to draw or create models of the set based on their research of the time era. Each student has a hand in building the set and designing the look.

Theatre business[edit]

The students involved in theatre business are responsible for funding and promoting the production. Some students are in charge of marketing and the budget, others are in charge of poster design and presentation. The students are required to come up with ideas for the show's promotion and how to make money.

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