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Unbranded CR2032 lithium cell

A CR2032 battery is a button cell lithium battery rated at 3.0 volts. It is commonly used as a CMOS battery in computers, calculators, remote controls, scientific instruments, kitchen, office and personal scales, wireless doorbells, watches, and other small devices. Nominal diameter is 20 mm, nominal height is 3.2 mm. CR2032 indicates a round cell 19.7–20 mm diameter and 2.9-3.2 mm height as defined by the IEC standard 60086.[1] A review of 14 data sheets[citation needed] from different suppliers shows a range of weights from 2.8 g to 3.9 g. Except for two extreme outliers, all reported weights were between 3.0 g and 3.2 g, with the mode being 3.2 g.

The BR2032 battery has the same dimensions, a slightly lower nominal voltage and capacity, and an extended temperature range compared with the CR2032. It is rated for a temperature range of -30 °C to 85 °C,[2] while the CR2032 is specified over the range -20 °C to 70 °C.[3] BR2032 also has a much lower self-discharge rate.[quantify] Using a BR2032 in place of a CR2032 will not damage equipment, and in most cases will function properly.

Battery nomenclature is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in its 60086 standard "Primary batteries". The first letter indicates the electrochemical system used:

The second letter R indicates a round (cylindrical) form.

  Lithium-manganese dioxide Lithium-carbon monofluoride
IEC name CR2032 BR2032
ANSI/NEDA name 5004LC 5004LB
Typical capacity 225 mAh 190 mAh
Nominal voltage 3.0 V 2.8 V
Cutoff voltage 2.0 V 2.25 V
Usable temperature range -20 .. 70 °C -30 .. 85 °C

Manufacturers of batteries may have their own model numbers for cells interchangeable with the CR2032 and may identify their cell with both their own number and the IEC designation.

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