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CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (Former: Chinatrust Financial Holding Company Ltd.) is a holding company principally engaged in the finance industry through its eight major subsidiaries.[1] Assets — $115.7 billion (2015).[2] The holding company is based in CTBC Financial Park, Taipei, Taiwan.

CTBC Financial Park
  • CTBC Bank (former: Chinatrust Commercial Bank) at its core,
  • CTBC Securities Co.
  • CTBC Insurance Brokers Co.
  • CTBC Venture Capital Co.
  • CTBC Asset Management Co.
  • CTBC Bills Finance Corp.
  • CTBC Security Co.
  • Taiwan Lottery Corporation

The Company's products and services are classified into eight categories: banking, including corporate banking, consumer finance and retail banking; securities, including securities brokerage, trading and underwriting services, as well as the securities-related futures business; bill and bond, including brokerage, trading, underwriting, certification, guarantee and advisory services; insurance brokerage, providing property and life insurance services; venture capital, focusing on the high technology industries, such as telecommunications semiconductor industries; asset management, including the acquisition, management and processing of financial debts from financial institutions; security services, such as stationing of security guards in office buildings, and lottery, including issuance, marketing, promotion, prize drawing, prize claiming, and management.

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