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The Cabinet of the Gambia is the chief executive body of the Republic of the Gambia. The Cabinet is made up of the President, the Vice President, and the Secretaries of State.[1] The Cabinet has ratified neither the Basel Convention nor the Bamako Convention to regulate hazardous waste in the country.[2] Fatou Bensouda once served as chief legal advisor to the cabinet.[3]

Office Incumbent Website Since
President Yahya Jammeh [1] 1994
Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy [2] 1997
Minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment Abdou Kolley [3] 2011
Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure Alhaji Abdoulie Cham [4] 2010
Minister of Tourism and Culture Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie [5] 2008
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mamadou Tangara [6] 2008


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