Calheta de São Miguel

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Calheta de São Miguel
São Miguel Arcanjo church, also being the seat of the parish
São Miguel Arcanjo church, also being the seat of the parish
Calheta de São Miguel is located in Cape Verde
Calheta de São Miguel
Coordinates: 15°11′10″N 23°35′35″W / 15.186°N 23.593°W / 15.186; -23.593Coordinates: 15°11′10″N 23°35′35″W / 15.186°N 23.593°W / 15.186; -23.593
Country Cape Verde
Island Santiago
Municipality São Miguel
Civil parish São Miguel Arcanjo
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 3,175
Postal code 7210

Calheta de São Miguel is a town in the northern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. Its 2010 population was 3,175 making it the sixth most populated place on the island, it is also the fourth most populated town on the island, less populated than Chão Bom. It is situated on the east coast, 31 km north of the capital Praia. It is the seat of São Miguel municipality. It is situated next to Ribeira Principal and most of it is in its valley.


The urban agglomeration compromising about 6,000 people includes Veneza (Baixo Ribeireta) and Ponta Verde. Its stadium, secondary school and its hospital are in Veneza, Veneza is considered a Calheta subdivision.

It is locally known as Calheta, about 30 km across on the island of Maio is the town of Calheta, for that, residents outside of the municipality calls it Calheta de São Miguel.

Its main industry remains to be agriculture and fishing, other services has become the dominant industry of the town, these make up the income and livelihoods of town.

Its house lots in the older part of the village is 6x18 m (30x60 palms before 1838) for single lots and 9x24 m (45x90 palms before 1838) for other buildings.


Year Population
2000 4,884
2003 5,200
2005 5,457
2010 3,175[2]
around 6,000[3]

Points of interests[edit]

The town has the São Miguel church which serves as a parish seat. It also has a town square located in town, another one is in Veneza (Baixo Ribeireta).


AJAC, Desportivo da Calheta and Flor Jovem are the town and the municipality's soccer club, its football (soccer) stadium is to the northwest and is Estádio da Calheta in the adjacent village of Veneza, another club and newly created is ADEC also based in the town, it started off in the Santiago North Zone Second Division.


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