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State Route 58 marker

State Route 58
SR 58 highlighted in red
Route information
Defined by Streets and Highways Code § 358
Maintained by Caltrans
Length241 mi[1] (388 km)
Major junctions
West end US 101 in Santa Margarita
East end I-15 in Barstow
CountiesSan Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino
Highway system
California 57.svg SR 57California 59.svg SR 59

State Route 58 (SR 58) is a major east-west state highway in the U.S. state of California that runs across the Coast Ranges, the southern San Joaquin Valley, the Tehachapi Mountains, which border the southern Sierra Nevada, and the Mojave Desert. It runs between U.S. Route 101 near Santa Margarita and Interstate 15 in Barstow. It has junctions with Interstate 5 near Buttonwillow, State Route 99 in Bakersfield, State Route 202 in Tehachapi, State Route 14 near Mojave, and U.S. Route 395 at Kramer Junction. SR 58 also provides access to Edwards Air Force Base. At various points it is known as the Calf Canyon Highway, Carrisa Highway, Bakersfield-McKittrick Highway, Rosa Parks Highway, Rosedale Highway, Barstow-Bakersfield Highway, Bakersfield Tehachapi Highway, Kern County Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway, and Mojave-Barstow Highway.

Route description[edit]

Spring Wildflowers off SR 58 near California Valley, CA, 2010

State Route 58 between Santa Margarita and Buttonwillow is a winding mountain road through a thinly populated area. From its westernmost terminus at US 101 near Santa Margarita, a few miles north of San Luis Obispo, SR 58 heads east along the former US 101 (El Camino Real) for one mile. SR 58 then heads east and up the winding mountain road, passing through a thinly populated area and an intersection with SR 229. Alternatives such as SR 46 to the north or SR 166 to the south are recommended, as much of this section of SR 58 is prohibited to truck traffic. However, this section of SR 58 does pass through the Carrizo Plain, which is known for its scenic beauty and geological features, including the San Andreas Fault. SR 58 then takes another winding road before joining with State Route 33 (SR 33) in the small town of McKittrick. SR 33 then splits at the north end of McKittrick before SR 58 then enters another, but brief winding road. SR 58 then proceeds northeast for several miles before changing to an east-west alignment and reaching Buttonwillow. A few miles later, SR 58 has an interchange with Interstate 5 (I-5). Approximately 7 miles (11 km) east of I-5, SR 58 briefly joins SR 43 before continuing east and eventually reaching the Bakersfield city limits.

State Route 58 joins State Route 99 for about 2 miles (3.2 km) through Bakersfield before splitting as a freeway and heading east. SR 58 briefly enters expressway status with two at-grade intersections in the Caliente area before resuming freeway status east of Caliente. SR 58 then reaches the Tehachapi city limits and traverses the Tehachapi Pass before dropping out of the Tehachapi Mountains into the Antelope Valley at the town of Mojave. Freeway conditions continue from State Route 14 east of Mojave bypassing North Edwards, Edwards Air Force Base, Boron, and Kramer Junction. Approximately 10 miles (16 km) east of an interchange with U.S. Route 395, SR 58 resumes expressway status with two lanes in each direction until just before reaching the easternmost terminus at Interstate 15 in Barstow.

State Route 58 is a freeway from its south junction with SR 99 in Bakersfield (the West Bakersfield Interchange) to several miles east of Mojave (a freeway bypass of Mojave was completed in 2004), except for two at-grade intersections two miles (3.2 km) apart in the Caliente area. Other freeway segments are bypasses of Boron, Kramer Junction (a freeway bypass of Kramer and Kramer Junction was completed in 2019), and Barstow. Except for the Boron-Kramer Junction freeway bypass, SR 58 is primarily a four-lane expressway (two lanes per direction) from just east of Kramer Junction up to the Barstow bypass segment.

State Route 58 takes the southernmost route through the Sierra Nevada and allows motorists to travel between Northern California and points to the east, such as Las Vegas and Interstate 40, without having to face the extreme traffic congestion of greater Los Angeles. State Route 58 and Interstate 80 are the only freeways to cross the Sierra Nevada. The route also offers an alternative to the often treacherous Donner Pass to truckers traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area to points eastward; prior to the construction of Interstate 80, the road (as U.S. Route 466) was heavily used for this purpose.

SR 58 is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System,[2] and east of I-5 is part of the National Highway System,[3] a network of highways that are considered essential to the country's economy, defense, and mobility by the Federal Highway Administration.[4] SR 58 is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System,[5] but it is not officially designated as a scenic highway by the California Department of Transportation.[6] SR 58 has several names throughout its length, including the Blue Star Memorial Highway (for its entire length); the Kern County Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway, for the section from SR 184 to the Kern County/San Bernardino County Line; and the Rosa Parks Highway, for the section between SR 99 and SR 184. The Korean War Veterans name honors the approximately 8,120 veterans from Kern County, while the section named for Rosa Parks honors the civil rights activist.[7] The portion of SR 58 from Barstow to Bakersfield is sometimes referred to as the Barstow–Bakersfield Highway.[8]


Westbound 58 in the Temblor Range, descending into the Carrizo Plain
A truck passes eastbound along the busy Highway 58 through the Antelope Valley. The Tehachapi Mountains are visible in the distance.

State Route 58 did not exist as a California sign route until 1964, although previous to 1964, it was part of California Legislative Route 58. The other part of Legislative Route 58 is California's segment of Interstate 40; previous to 1964 it was a segment of US 66.

Prior to 1964 the segment of State Route 58 between Bakersfield and Barstow was signed U.S. Route 466. Also at that time, the segment of SR 58 between State Route 33 at McKittrick and State Route 99 in Bakersfield was signed as State Route 178. Although it was proposed for signing as Route 178 in 1934, the segment of Legislative Route 58 between US 101 near Santa Margarita and State Route 33 at McKittrick was not signed prior to 1964.

Note that US 466 was co-signed with US 99, now State Route 99, between Bakersfield and Famoso Junction. Between Famoso and US 101 at Paso Robles, US 466 largely became SR 46.

The eastern terminus was originally at I-15 in northeastern Barstow. SR 58 was rerouted to I-15 in Barstow south of the I-40 interchange. The former eastern terminus is now known as "Old Highway 58".

Westside Parkway and the Centennial Corridor Project[edit]

In western Bakersfield, the Westside Parkway, a freeway running from the intersection of Heath Road and Stockdale Highway east to Truxtun Avenue, was completed on April 15, 2015, with interchanges in between at Allen Road, Calloway Drive, Coffee Road, and Mohawk Street.[9] Opening in stages since 2013, the road was originally under the jurisdiction of the city of Bakersfield. As part of the Centennial Corridor project, Caltrans is building an eastern extension of the Westside Parkway to the current junction of highways 58 and 99 at the West Bakersfield Interchange, but construction has been controversial since it displaced dozens of homes and businesses;[10] by September 2017, all but a few buildings in the path had been demolished.[11] Once the connection to Highway 99 is completed (which is expected to occur in Fall 2022[12]), Highway 58 will then be rerouted onto Stockdale Highway and the Westside Parkway, with later plans to upgrade Stockdale Highway from Heath Road west to Interstate 5 as a freeway.[13] Bakersfield has already begun the transfer process, and the Westside Parkway is under Caltrans and California Highway Patrol jurisdiction effective February 5, 2021.[14]

Business loops[edit]


State Route 58 Business
LocationMojave, California

State Route 58 Business is a business route of California State Route 58 in Mojave. It provides access to downtown Mojave as Mojave-Barstow Highway. It also follows mostly the former routing of U.S. Route 466.


State Route 58 Business
LocationTehachapi, California

State Route 58 Business is a business route of California State Route 58 in Tehachapi. It provides access to downtown Tehachapi as Tehachapi Boulevard. It also follows the former routing of U.S. Route 466 and is overlapped with State Route 202.


State Route 58 Business
LocationBoron, California

State Route 58 Business is a business route of California State Route 58 in Boron. It provides access to downtown Boron as Twenty Mule Team Road. It also follows the former routing of U.S. Route 466. It is signed from westbound Route 58 approaching the San BernardinoKern county line and the beginning of the Boron bypass.

Major intersections[edit]

Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured on the road as it was in 1964, based on the alignment that existed at the time, and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. R reflects a realignment in the route since then, M indicates a second realignment, L refers an overlap due to a correction or change, and T indicates postmiles classified as temporary (for a full list of prefixes, see California postmile § Official postmile definitions).[15] Segments that remain unconstructed or have been relinquished to local control may be omitted. The numbers reset at county lines; the start and end postmiles in each county are given in the county column.

San Luis Obispo
SLO 0.00-57.15
0.00 US 101 – San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Los AngelesInterchange; western terminus; US 101 exit 211
6.89 SR 229 north – Creston, Shandon
45.20Soda Lake Road – California Valley, Soda LakeServes Carrizo Plain National Monument
KER 0.00-R143.86
33.45[N 1]
SR 33 south – TaftWest end of SR 33 overlap
34.29[N 1]
SR 33 north – CoalingaEast end of SR 33 overlap
Buttonwillow27.28 Buttonwillow Drive to I-5 north
31.64 I-5 (West Side Freeway) – Sacramento, Los AngelesInterchange; I-5 exit 257
8.11[N 2]
SR 43 north (Enos Lane north) – Shafter, WascoWest end of SR 43 overlap
9.16[N 2]
SR 43 south (Enos Lane south) – TaftEast end of SR 43 overlap; future SR 58 east to Stockdale Highway
25.65[N 3]
SR 99 north / SR 178 east (24th Street) – Fresno, Sacramento, Downtown BakersfieldInterchange; west end of SR 99 overlap; SR 99 exit 26A northbound, 26 southbound
West end of freeway
24.60[N 3]25California Avenue – Civic CenterExit number follows SR 99
110A SR 99 south – Los AngelesEast end of SR 99 overlap; left exit westbound; SR 99 exit 24
Real RoadClosed; former westbound exit and eastbound entrance; future extension to Westside Parkway under construction
23.62[N 3]Stockdale Highway, Brundage LaneEastbound exit only, will be closed for Centennial Corridor construction
111Chester Avenue, H Street
R54.42112 SR 204 north (Union Avenue)Former US 99
R55.40113Cottonwood Road
R56.41114Mt. Vernon Avenue
R57.41115Oswell Street
R58.44116Fairfax Road
R59.44117 SR 184 (Weedpatch Highway) / Morning Drive – LamontWeedpatch Highway not signed westbound, Morning Drive not signed eastbound
R61.51119Edison Road – Edison
R63.58121Comanche Drive – Arvin, Edison
R65.68123Tower Line Road
69.75127General Beale Road
East end of freeway
75.63 SR 223 west – ArvinAt-grade intersection
West end of freeway
Keene80.24137Hart Flat Road
R85.15142Broome Road
TehachapiR90.72148 SR 202 (Tucker Road) – Tehachapi
R91.67149Mill Street
R94.16151Tehachapi Boulevard
R99.49156Sand Canyon Road – Monolith
R101.56159Cameron Road
SR 58 Bus. east – Mojave
Former US 466 east / SR 58 east
R111.13167 SR 14 – Bishop, MojaveFormer US 6
SR 58 Bus. west – Mojave
Former US 466 west / SR 58 west
25th StreetAt-grade intersection; east end of freeway
R127.63California City Boulevard – California CityAt-grade intersection; west end of freeway
R129.67186Edwards AFB
North EdwardsR132.04188Clay Mine Road
R136.40193Twenty Mule Team RoadFormer US 466 east
R137.77194Gephart Road, Rocket Site Road
R139.00195Boron Rest Area
BoronR139.80196Borax Road (SR 58 Bus. east), Rocket Site Road
R142.87199Boron Avenue
San Bernardino
SBD R0.00-R34.81
Kramer JunctionR5.40206 US 395 – Bishop, San Bernardino
East end of freeway
West end of freeway
HinkleyR26.33227Hinkley Road
R30.39231Lenwood Road
BarstowR33.65233 CR 66 (West Main Street) – BarstowFormer US 66 / US 91
R34.81234 I-15 (Mojave Freeway) to I-40 – Las Vegas, San BernardinoEastern terminus; exit 234 is for I-15 southbound; I-15 exit 179
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  1. ^ a b Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 33 rather than SR 58.
  2. ^ a b Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 43 rather than SR 58.
  3. ^ a b c Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 99 rather than SR 58.

Westside Parkway (Future SR 58)[edit]

This exit list consists of the Bakersfield city-maintained freeway that will eventually become part of SR 58. All exits are unnumbered. The entire route is in Kern County.

RosedaleStockdale HighwayWest end of freeway; at-grade intersection; future SR 58 west to continue on Stockdale Hwy. to SR 43
BakersfieldAllen Road
Calloway DriveSigned as separate north and south exits westbound
Coffee Road
Mohawk StreetNo westbound exit
Truxtun Avenue eastTemporary east end of freeway
SR 99 – Los Angeles, SacramentoFuture extension to SR 58 east / SR 99; under construction
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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