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Calvin Ball, III
Profile Pic 2012.JPG
Council Chairperson, Howard County (Representing District 2)
Personal details
Born (1975-09-02) September 2, 1975 (age 40)
Catonsville, MD, U.S.
Political party Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Shani D. Ball
Children 2 daughters - – Alexis and Alyssa
Alma mater Towson State University, B.A.
University of Baltimore, M.A.
Morgan State University, PhD
Profession Professor

Calvin B. Ball, III (September 2, 1975) is a member of the U.S. Democratic Party, and since April 2006, a Council Member of the 2nd District of Howard County, Maryland. On December 4, 2006, Dr. Ball made Howard County history when he was elected the youngest Chairperson ever to lead the County Council, serving approximately 50,000 constituents, and on December 6, 2010, he was unanimously elected to serve his second term as Chairperson of the County Council. December 2, 2014 he was elected to his third term as Chairperson. He is married to Shani D. Ball, R.N., B.S.N., a school nurse, and they are the parents of two children, Alexis and Alyssa.[1]

Early life, and education[edit]

As a native of Catonsville, Maryland and a resident of Columbia, Maryland, Ball served as a Howard County Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Committed to serving the community, he served three terms on the Oakland Mills Village Board and was the first Community Organizer in Howard County. As Community Organizer, he facilitated neighborhood revitalization. Ball was also a member of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce’s Educator of the Year Committee and the Chamber’s Workforce Readiness Committee.

Ball volunteered with the Howard County Public School System Leadership Task Force and Student Performance Review Committee. He has over eight years of experience in the field of higher education. Over the last six years, he has facilitated classes in subjects such as Critical Thinking, Ethics, and Political Science. In addition to instruction, he has assessed, trained and mentored new faculty members.

A certified mediator since 1998, Ball has worked as a mediator for the Community Mediation Program and the Maryland State Human Relations Commission. He also served as a mediation supervisor for the Maryland Office of the Attorney General. Ball earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion from Towson State University, a Master of Arts in Legal and Ethical Studies from the University of Baltimore, where he was nominated for the Spirit of Excellence Award, and a Doctor of Education from Morgan State University. He is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education.[1]

Faculty Member and University Lecturer[edit]

The Honorable Doctor Calvin Ball has been involved in higher education since 1999. Dr. Ball is a learning-centered servant-leader who believes his top priority is to ensure that he creates an environment where every student can and does learn.[citation needed] His appreciation for the roles that both student and facilitator play in the process of learning has been molded by his educational background, his professional experience and his temperament.[citation needed]

Dr. Ball has facilitated learning for adults both face-to-face and online at a variety of institutions including American University, University of Phoenix, Baltimore City Community College, Towson University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Morgan State University. Ball has taught many undergraduate and graduate level courses that include: Conflict Management Systems, Contemporary Political Thought, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making, Cultural Diversity, Ethics and Public Policy, Ethics in Management, Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Ethics, Managerial Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Organizational Ethics, Regulation and Conflict Management in the Workplace, State and Local Political Processes, Theory, Principles, and Practices of Dispute Resolution, Wealth and Power in America.

Political life[edit]

In April 2006, Ball was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Howard County Council to represent the 2nd Councilmanic District of Howard County. Ball retained the seat in the November election. He has been an active Democrat, serving two terms as President of the Young Democrats of Howard County.

Ball was an early and active supporter of Barack Obama's campaign for President of the United States. He served as a member of the Maryland for Obama Statewide Steering Committee led by Congressman Elijah Cummings and Attorney General of Maryland Doug Gansler.

In 2006, Ball introduced legislation regarding the goal of Howard County to provision housing for all income levels throughout the county. Ball encouraged developers to provide a full spectrum of affordable housing and give the County options to help create and preserve affordable housing in his proposal. Ball saw that as the County's population swelled, the need for dispersed affordable housing for people of all income levels was vital.[citation needed] Ball's proposal included: providing preferences for those who work and reside in Howard County, establishing a right of first refusal for tenants and the County for the purchase of rental units when the owner offers the units for sale and establishing notice requirements for rental housing owners.

Between 2006 and 2007 Calvin Ball was the Community Organizer of the Oakland Mills Village Revitalization Plan. The Revitalization Plan’s vision was to establish the Oakland Mills Village Center as a “true destination with a clear identity that is cohesive and well planned, while supporting thriving businesses and serving as a real center of community life”.[citation needed] The Revitalization Plan’s goals were to energize the Village Center, increase communication in the village, support business in Oakland Mills, and support community activities. They classified their strategies to reach these goals as simple, moderate, and significant improvements that could help benefit the village center. Ball’s tasks included documenting overall success for each month, progress towards goals by the various committees, progress towards goals by the Community Organizer, plans for the next month for committees and plans for the next month for the Community Organizer.

In July 2007, Ball introduced legislation, which required some county contractors to pay their workers at least $12.41 an hour. The proposal applied to contractors that had five or more workers and made at least $100,000 in business annually with Howard County. However, the legislation exempted nonprofit organizations doing business with the county. Ball said to the Washington Post that "the fiscal impact is quite negligible, but what it can do for a family is invaluable," and that the "Government is there to help people who may not be able to help themselves."

In addition, Ball is serving as Chairperson of the Zoning Board and as Vice Chairperson of the Board of License Commissioners, also known as the Liquor Board.



  • ENRCB56-2006 An act amending the standards for types of housing developments.
  • ENRCB57-2006 An act amending the standards for types of housing developments.
  • ENRCB58-2006 An act amending the standards for types of housing developments.
  • ENRCB59-2006 An act amending the standards for types of housing developments.
  • CB75-2006 An act amending the standards for types of HC Housing Commission housing developments that may be considered a government use for zoning purposes.
  • CR93-2006 An act concerning certain real property owned by Howard County, Maryland is no longer needed for public purposes.
  • CR107-2006 An act condemning hate bias incidents in Howard County, Maryland and encouraging inclusion, understanding, friendship, and kindness among Howard County citizens.
  • CR145-2006 An act calling for a task force to study the tax credits.


  • ENRCB4-2007 An act concerning residential subdivisions.
  • CB5-2007 An act concerning residential subdivision applications.
  • ENRCB6-2007 An act to require developers to send notice of pre-submission community meetings.
  • CB9-2007 An act concerning a property tax credit.
  • ENRCB10-2007 An act generally concerning tax credits.
  • CB12-2007 An act generally concerning tax credits.
  • CB32-2007 An act generally concerning tax credits.
  • CB51-2007 An act concerning minimum wage.
  • CB66-2007 An act concerning selection processes for moderate income housing units.
  • CB67-2007 An act establishing requirements for rental housing owners.
  • CB68-2007 An act establishing the right of first refusal.
  • CR15-2007 An act confirming a nomination for the Health Officer for Howard County.
  • CR22-2007 ANC ACT generally concerning property tax credits.
  • CR144-2007 An act generally concerning the senior property tax credit.


  • ENRCB8-2008 An act allowing certain banners on playing fields.
  • ENRCB26-2008 An act amending the Howard County Code.
  • ENRCB62-2008 An Act amending the Howard County Code.
  • ENRCB63-2008 An act establishing a position on the Commission for Women.
  • ENRCB64-2008 An act establishing a position on the Recreation and Parks Board.
  • ENRCR34-2008 Creating a youth task force to advise the County Council.


  • ENRCB1-2009 An act concerning gun control.
  • CB42-2009 An act generally relating to the Design Advisory Panel.
  • CB52-2009 An act generally relating to County property tax credits.
  • CB60-2009 An act amending the Howard County Cable Television Systems Franchise Act.
  • CR5-2009 A resolution: concerning amusement taxes.


  • CB14-2010 An act generally relating to building efficiency and design.
  • CB15-2010 An act generally relating to the Design Advisory Panel.
  • ENRCB41-2010 An act generally relating to Small Wind Energy Systems.


  • CB10-2011 An act generally relating to Moderate Income Housing Units in Howard County.
  • ENRCB50-2011 An act generally relating to the Howard County Public Ethics Law.
  • ENRCB51-2011 An act generally relating to parking violations in Howard County.
  • CB54-2011 An act generally relating to the Human Rights law of Howard County.
  • ENRCB55-2011 An act generally relating to property tax credits.
  • ENRCR79-2011 A resolution: generally concerning the Howard County Environmental Sustainability Board.
  • CR147-2011 A resolution: generally relating to the Settlement Downpayment Loan Program.


  • ENRCB10-2012 An act generally relating to homeowners association and common ownership community fees and obligations, and rental housing licenses.
  • ENRCB28-2012 An act generally relating to property tax credits.
  • CB40-2012 An act generally relating to County hiring practices.
  • CR99-2012 A resolution: proposing to amend Section 202 “County Council” of the Howard County Charter.
  • ENRCR134-2012 A resolution: directing certain other actions by certain County officials.


  • ENRCB43-2013 An act generally relating to moderate income housing units.
  • CR16-2013 A resolution: generally relating to the Howard County Voices for Change Youth Coalition.
  • CR118-2013 A resolution: generally relating to the POW/MIA and United States flags at certain locations and on certain dates.
  • ENRCR121-2013 A resolution: generally related to Green Neighborhood Allocation, Building Permit and Use and Occupancy Permit.


  • ENRCB13-2014 An act generally relating to Boards and Commissions.
  • ENRCB14-2014 An act generally relating to people with disabilities.
  • ENRCB18-2014 An act generally related to moderate income housing units and the Rehabilitation Loan Program in Howard County.
  • ENRCB32-2014 An act generally relating to data transparency in the County.
  • ENRCR8-2014 A resolution: creating a task force to study the issues associated with human trafficking.
  • ENRCR23-2014 A resolution: generally related to public transportation options in and around Howard County.
  • ENRCR39-2014 A resolution: creating a task force to study fueling stations and to recommend standards for locating facilities.
  • ENRCR113-2014 A resolution: amending Howard County Council Rules of Procedure on prefile deadline.


  • ENRCB6-2015 An act clarifying timing for Department of Planning and Zoning to send their technical staff reports.
  • ENRCB8-2015 An act prohibiting the carrying of certain weapons in certain County-owned buildings.
  • ENRCB17-2015 An act requiring that healthy food and beverage options be provided.
  • ENRCB28-2015 An act prohibiting the use of Electronic Smoking Devices in certain public places.
  • ENRCR2-2015 A resolution: Phase 1 of the Urban Renewal Plan for the Long Reach Village Center.
  • ENRCR16-2015 A resolution: creating a Committee on Community Policing.

For more information about The Howard County Council's Legislation visit Howard County Council Archived Legislation

Financial literacy[edit]

In April 2007, Ball launched his first Financial Literacy Summit in Howard County, Maryland with at least 75 financial literacy stakeholders ranging from bankers, mortgage lenders, and financial education leaders and supporters. Ball launched a county-wide movement to expand financial wellness in Howard County.

The following year, on April 19, 2008, Council Member Ball initiated his second financial literacy event. This time he expanded the summit to include a wide array of financial education programs and services that would assist those families who had begun to feel hardship because of the economic slowdown. To help citizens understand the future of those services, Ball held a panel of people involved in financial services in Howard County.

"Many families today are living paycheck-to-paycheck with no financial cushion in case of emergencies," said Ball during his testimony before the General Assembly to foster financial literacy in the state. "The consequences of a lack of financial literacy include mountains of debt, bankruptcies, broken homes and shattered dreams." - The Business Monthly, September 2008. In partnership with Howard Community College, Calvin Ball hosted the 2009 3rd Annual Financial Literacy Summit event in order to inspire participants, of all ages, to set and achieve their financial goals.[citation needed]The summit had features and workshops, which included: Foreclosure prevention resources, managing financial stress, obtaining a free credit report, retirement & saving strategies, and healthy cooking ideas on a budget.

Men's Health Fair[edit]

Alongside Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, and Congressman Elijah Cummings, Councilman Calvin Ball co-hosted the Howard County 1st Annual Men’s Health Fair, which promoted health and fitness awareness to the men of Maryland. The health fair included fitness demonstrations from local gyms and fitness programs, free health screenings (dental, HIV, BMI, Blood Pressure), and a variety of show cases that advertised their healthy products or services.


Ball has served as a member of various committees including those working on Howard County Chamber of Commerce's Educator of the Year and the Chamber of Commerce's Workforce Readiness. He launched Howard County's first Annual Financial Literacy Summit and has won numerous awards including the Louis Goldstein Award for Democratic Spirit and the Kittleman Award for Legislative Leadership. Ball has volunteered with several efforts including the Howard County Public School System Leadership Task Force and Student Performance Review Committee. Ball has served as Chair on the following boards in the Howard County Council: Howard County Council Chairman: 2006-2007,Zoning Board Chair: 2007-2008 & 2009-2010, Liquor Board Chair: 2006-2007


  • "Sometimes in friendship and love the most difficult, yet important journey is the one you take from judging to understanding."(August 2012)[2]
  • "Important ingredients for a happy life? Imagination and bravery. Imagine who you want to be and be brave enough to create that person!" (July 2012)[2]
  • "Family and friends: the canvas on which life is painted." (July 2012)[2]
  • "Progress happens when the community, local officials and business work together." (June 2012)
  • "Don’t wait until a eulogy to express your love, admiration and respect! Share your wonderful words with the ones you care about or look up to while you can. No better time than today." (June 2012)[2]
  • "Make a great week transforming obstacles into opportunities!" (March 2012)[2]
  • "Thanks for all who touch the lives of others! Even if you sometimes don’t feel like you’re making a difference, you are filling a hole for someone." (August 2012)[2]
  • "I can’t do everything, but I can do something." (August 2012)[2]
  • "To all of our fabulous educators, welcome back to another spectacular year. I truly believe education is a gateway to opportunity and I sincerely thank you for all you do to grow our future!" (Aug 2012)[2]
  • "Start your week armed with focus, optimism, and determination." (Nov 2009).[2]
  • "I have found that, as we have a conversation about adequate housing for our workforce, there may be those who are not supportive of affordable housing. But part of leadership is doing what you think is right and makes economic sense." (Nov 2007)
  • "It seems throughout the country that there is support for revitalizing our older neighborhoods. The challenge-or the great opportunity-is how to do that. I think it depends on our leadership and we need to exercise a realistic commitment to revitalizing our older neighborhoods." (Apr 2008)
  • "I strongly support revitalization of older neighborhoods… We have to move beyond saying we’re supportive and demonstrate support… This is a visionary movement." (July 2007)
  • "The Route 1 Manual allows the opportunity to spur revitalization and protects existing neighborhoods." (July 2008)
  • "Youth Initiatives will help elevate their voice and make them a partner at the table in the decision-making process." (April 2008)
  • "If we know there’s a bad bill, we have the responsibility to change it." (March 2007)
  • "I think we need to take as long as it takes to craft good legislation but no longer… It’s important not to fall into analysis paralysis." (July 2007)
  • "Teachers, police officers, firefighters, and others who serve our community ought to have a quality place to live." (September 2008)
  • "The fiscal impact is quite negligible, but what it can do for a family is invaluable…Government is there to help people who may not be able to help themselves." (July 2007)
  • "Every time I have an opportunity to hear from subject-matter experts and have meaningful conversations with colleagues around the state, I get to see different perspectives. I get to see folks who either have a differing level of experience or have worked through some challenges. I come back better for it and a better public servant for our community." (January 2011)
  • "Having a police presence in schools is not just about controlling issues, but about preventing issues.” (July 2011)
  • "Having a broad range of voices is vital to students accomplishing their mission. The boards and commissions really offer our young people opportunities to ensure that they have an excellent quality of life." (September 2011)
  • “I’m pleased we’ve empowered communities to protect one of the most important investments someone can make, the investment in their home.” (May 2012)


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