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La Fanfarria del Capitán
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Fanfarria Latina, Rock, Ska, Tango, Cumbia
Years active 2004–present
Members Victoria Cornejo
Jeronimo Cassagne
Francisco Mercado
Valeria Velasquez
Facundo Perez Torres
Mariano Parisi
Mike Cazenave
Apostolos Chadoulis
German Pla
Federico Honnegger

La Fanfarria del Capitán is an Argentine band formed in 2004 by Victoria Cornejo, Jeronimo Cassagne and Francisco Mercado. Originally named Capitan Tifus , the band created the Latin fanfarria[1] genre, which combines rock, cumbia, tango, ska, balcan and Latin rhythms, in constant tour around the world.


The band's first album, Flores del Bosque de Bolonia (2007), was produced by Matías Cella (producer of Kevin Johansen and Jorge Drexler) and edited by EMI Publishing.[2] Their second album was E Viva! (2012). Cella's production was edited in Austria by Newton Records.[3]

In 2007, Capitan participated in the Nokia Trends Artemotion,[4] a televised tour through Argentina. In the same year, Cornejo toured with Mad Professor through the UK and to play together in Madrid and Buenos Aires.

In 2009, Capitan won the "Diente de Oro" award as a creative band, given by EMI to the most promising projects of the year.

In 2011, they were invited to the Botanique Festival (Bologna, Italia) to represent the music of Buenos Aires. This gave birth to their first international tour, with 40 concerts in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Spain.

The "Mondo Tour 2012" consisted of 87 concerts over seven months through Argentina, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, China and Japan.[5] Important festivals on this tour included the Fusion Festival (Larz, DE), Mighty Sounds (Tabor, CZ), Nuevo Sol (Rostock, DE), Movement Festival (Perm, RUS), Harvest Festival (Moscú, RUS) and OCT-Loft Jazz Festival (Shenzhen, China).

In 2013, their third international tour included Latin America and Europe. The tour started in Buenos Aires with the Pepsi Music Festival and was followed by European festivals such as Trutnov (CZ), Wild Mint (Russia) and Mundial (Belgium). Capitan Tifus played 60 concerts during the five months they were in Europe. They also shared gigs with Bomba Estereo (Lido, Berlin), Karamelo Santo (Die Pumpe, Kiel) and Bersuit Vergarabat (Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin).[6][7]

Capitan was declared of Cultural Interest by the Secretary of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


Year Title
2007 Flores del Bosque de Bolonia [8]
2012 E Viva! [9]
2014 Fanfarria Latina on tour [10]
2016 La Giravida [11]


Year Title Kind
2007 Hawaii [12] Videoclip
2012 Mondo Tour 2012 [13] Live Video
2013 Maradevi [14] Videoclip
2014 Amor y mucho más [15] Videoclip
2014 Tour 2014 [16] Live Videoclip
2016 Via Nacionale (feat Kocani Orkestar) [17] VideoClip


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