Captain Alberto Bertorelli

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Captain Alberto Bertorelli
'Allo 'Allo! character
First appearance Good staff Are Hard to Find
Last appearance René of the Gypsies
Portrayed by Gavin Richards (series 4-6)
Roger Kitter (series 7)
Affiliation Royal Italian Army
Title Captain
Family Enrico (uncle)
Flora (aunt)
Giuseppe (cousin)
Nationality Kingdom of Italy Italian

Captain Alberto Bertorelli is a fictional character in the BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!, which ran from 1982 to 1992. He was played by Gavin Richards in series 4 to 6, later being replaced by Roger Kitter for series 7 (the character was dropped at the end of that series).

Character overview[edit]

Bertorelli was, as a result of Nazi Germany's alliance with Italy and Benito Mussolini, made Colonel Kurt Von Strohm's new assistant.

Having something of an eye for the ladies, Bertorelli's main catchphrase was "What a mistake-a to make-a!", after the occasional blunder. His other main saying consisted in a happy "Heil-a Mussolini!" (usually followed by "Mussolini...never go well"), when the German command said "Heil Hitler!". It was usually accepted with a sarcastic dismissal or, sometimes, even anger. He also thought that he was very popular and always asked ladies if they would "like a good time with the-a Italian hero". He also pretended to love Edith so he could marry her and get his hands on the café.

Bertorelli was one of Colonel von Strohm's three assistants, the others being Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Geering, and was under the command of General Von Klinkerhoffen (although Bertorelli never met Geering). Bertorelli was a polite and friendly character often complimenting them and being very sorry when he was late for something. However, rather than this making his fellow officers fond of him they became increasingly irritated by him, often calling him a "wop" and an "Eyetie" and trying to get rid of him. Bertorelli was in charge of an enormous platoon of Italian cowardly soldiers and crooks. Bertorelli was awarded three rows of medals: the first for service in North Africa, the second for service in Abyssinia (presumably the Abyssinia Crisis or Second Italo-Ethiopian War) and the third for servicing Fiats (an Italian company that manufactures cars).[1] He wears the plumed hat and uniform of Italy's Bersaglieri regiments.

After series 7 the character was dropped it being explained that it was due to the Italians withdrawing from the war.


In an episode where the Colonel and Gruber are trying to escape to the Vatican, he reveals that he has a cousin called Giuseppe, an uncle and an aunt called Flora (when he states this, he says "you then hide in the margarine factory, which belong to my aunty Flora") He also mentions his mother on various occasions.


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