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Carl Verheyen performing with his band at Paradox, Tilburg (November 16., 2013)

Carl William Verheyen (born 1954), is an American guitarist, known for his work in Supertramp and also for being a session guitarist.[1][2] He is an adjunct instructor of studio jazz guitar for the Thornton School of Music of the University of Southern California, and makes frequent instructional performances at the Musician's Institute (MI) in Hollywood, California, Guitar Institute of Technology.[3]


Verheyen has authored instructional books,[3] including Improvising Without Scales, as well as Studio City, a collection of articles written for the magazine Guitar for the Practicing Musician from 1996–1999. In 1996 Carl won the LA Music Awards category of Best Guitarist.[3]

His first solo album was entitled No Borders; his follow up, Garage Sale, features his own vocals. 1996's Slang Justice, Verheyen's third release, was the first time he toured to support one of his records. His tour bandmates included bassist Cliff Hugo, drummers Chad Wackerman, Steve DiStanislao and Bernie Dresel. Slingshot, released in 1998, included drummer Gregg Bissonette and keyboard legend Jim Cox. Verheyen continued to play as a session player on other artists' records, for acts such as the Bee Gees and Cher, as well as for movie soundtracks including The Crow and The Usual Suspects. In January 2000, he released the CD Atlas Overload, followed in 2001 by a solo guitar album titled Solo Guitar Improvisations.

Verheyen has produced instructional DVDs and online lessons. He has produced a book and CD combination which profiles his "intervallic" style called Improvising Without Scales; as well as a book entitled Studio City, a compilation of all the columns written by him for Guitar Magazine between 1996 and 1999. He writes a monthly column for Chitarre, an Italian guitar publication.

In 2001, Verheyen released a collaborative work entitled Reel To Real with Karl Ratzer, an Austrian jazz guitarist. Recorded in two days, it consisted of extended "jams" and interactive musical exchanges between the two guitarists and the assembled rhythm section. Shortly afterwards, he released a collection of past songs entitled Six, featuring a cover of Lennon–McCartney's "Yes It Is". The band toured extensively behind this record, playing in 14 countries over the course of two years.

In 2005 he recorded Rumor Mill, a DVD box set. His latest release was in 2007 with Take One Step, featuring an extended piece called "Bells of April".

Throughout 2009 he toured the UK, giving guitar tutorial and instruction.

In early 2011 Verheyen released the live DVD The Road Divides featuring previously unreleased material ("The Road Divides") extended jams and acoustic numbers ("Henry's Farm" and "Jerry's Breakdown"). The package included interview footage with Verheyen, Dave Marotta on bass, and Walfredo Reyes Jr. on drums, and was directed by Nigel Dick.

On August 1, 2013, Verheyen released Mustang Run on the Cranktone Entertainment label.


Year Artist Album Credit
1988 Carl Verheyen Group No Borders
1994 Carl Verheyen Garage Sale
1996 Carl Verheyen Slang Justice
1998 Carl Verheyen Slingshot
2000 Carl Verheyen Atlas Overload
2001 Carl Verheyen Solo Guitar Improvisations
2001 Carl Verheyen & Karl Ratzer Real To Reel
2003 Carl Verheyen Band Six
2005 Carl Verheyen Band Live In L.A.
2005 Carl Verheyen Band Rumor Mill
2007 Carl Verheyen Band Take One Step
2009 Carl Verheyen Band Trading 8s
2011 Carl Verheyen Band The Road Divides (Double Live CD) [4]
2013 Carl Verheyen Mustang Run
2015 Carl Verheyen Alone: Solo Guitar Improvisations, Volume 2
2016 Carl Verheyen The Grand Design
2018 Carl Verheyen Essential Blues


Year Artist Album Credit
2011 Carl Verheyen Band The Road Divides [5]


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