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Gregg Bissonette
Bissonette in concert
Bissonette in concert
Background information
Born (1959-06-09) 9 June 1959 (age 61)
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
GenresPop, rock, jazz
Associated actsDavid Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr, Spinal Tap, Steve Vai, Electric Light Orchestra, Toto, The Pussycat Dolls

Gregg Bissonette (born June 9, 1959) is an American drummer. He has been a touring, session recording, and full-time drummer in many jazz and rock bands. He is primarily known being part of the David Lee Roth band, and for his instructional videos and drum clinics.[1] He is the brother of bass player Matt Bissonette, who for a short while joined Gregg in Roth's band.


One of Bissonette's first recordings was Brandon Field's The Other Side of the Story in 1985. It featured David Garfield on keyboards. A few years later Bissonette would start playing shows with Field, Garfield and Steve Lukather on guitar and with John Peña on bass as Los Lobotomys. These shows took place at the Baked Potato, a jazz club and restaurant in Los Angeles, California, playing rock, Latin, and jazz.

Bissonnette got his big break joining former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. The band included guitarist Steve Vai and future Mr. Big bassist Billy Sheehan. During 1985-1992 Gregg appeared on all three US Billboard 200 hit albums Eat 'Em and Smile (no.4) Skyscraper (no.6) and A Little Ain't Enough (no.18)[2] and the subsequent world tours.[3]

In 1990 and 1993, Bissonette released drum videos Private Lesson[4] and Playing, Reading & Soloing with a Band,[5][6] respectively. Private Lesson covers a variety of topics including double bass drumming, rudiments (with a backsticking technique from the snare drum solo Tornado[7] by Mitch Markovich), playing with a metronome and brushes.

In late 1995, Toto was beginning their Tambu tour when Simon Phillips developed back problems. Phillips asked Bissonette to fill in for him during the tour's first leg.

He played drums on Santana's album Supernatural (1999).[8] In 2007, he recorded on the album La La Land by Daniel Glen Timms.[9]

Bissonette can be heard on a number of rock instrumental and progressive rock albums, including The Extremist by Joe Satriani, Temporal by Shadrane, Deep Forest by Deep Forest, Bass Invader by Martin Motnik, Inner Galactic Fusion Experience by Richie Kotzen, Shadow King by Steve Fister, Revolution Road by Rocket Scientists, In the Eye of Time by Vox Tempus, Bug Alley[10] and the soundtrack to the movie The Endless Summer II by Gary Hoey.[11]

In 2012, Bissonette played drums on several tracks featured on Docker's Guild's album The Mystic Technocracy: Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance, the progressive rock space opera masterminded by the French-American musician, teacher, and ethno-musicologist Douglas R. Docker.[12]


Artist Album Year
Maynard Ferguson Live from San Francisco 1982
Yarborough and Peoples Heart Beats 1983
Brandon Fields The Other Side of the Story 1985
David Lee Roth Eat 'Em and Smile 1986
Keiko Matsui A Drop of Water 1987
David Lee Roth Skyscraper 1988
Pat Kelly Views of the future 1989
Frank Gambale Thunder Downunder 1990
David Lee Roth A Little Ain't Enough 1991
Joe Satriani The Extremist 1992
Steve Bailey Dichotomy 1992
Tab Benoit Nice and Warm 1999
L.A. Blues Authority L.A. Blues Authority 1992
Stan Bush Every Beat of My Heart 1992
Lanny Cordolla Of Riffs and Symphonies 1992
Ann Lewis Rockadelic 1993
Robin Zander Robin Zander 1993
Joe Satriani Time Machine 1993
Circus of Power Magic & Madness 1993
Vasco Rossi Gil Spari Sopra 1993
Brandon Fields Brandon Fields 1994
Gary Hoey The Endless Summer II 1994
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani 1995
Richie Kotzen Inner Galactic Fusion Experience 1995
Wayne Watson Field of Souls 1995
Bryan Duncan Christmas Is Jesus 1995
Jason Becker Perspective 1995
Mustard Seeds Mustard seeds 1996
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias 1996
Larry Carlton The Gift 1996
Steve Vai Fire Garden 1996
Ron Kenoly Welcome Home 1996
Gary Hoey Bug Alley 1996
Steve Fister Shadow King 1997
Steve Lukather Luke 1997
Pat Boone In a Metal Mood:
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Kalapana Captain Santa Island Music 1997
Andy Summers Last Dance of Mr. X 1997
Michael Thompson The World According to M.T. 1998
Gregg Bissonette Gregg Bissonette 1998
Paul Anka A Body of Work 1998
Bette Midler Bathhouse Betty 1998
Luis Villegas Cafe Ole 1998
Matt Bissonette Spot 1998
Kombo Big Blast 1999
Steve Vai The Ultra Zone 1999
Santana Super Natural 1999
Carl Verheyen Slingshot 1999
Matt Bissonette Spot 2 2000
Duran Duran Pop Trash 2000
Don Henley Inside Job 2000
David Benoit Great Composers of Jazz 2000
Jann Arden Blood Red Cherry 2000
Gregg Bissonette Submarine 2000
Crush Velvet Cowboys Crush Velvet Cowboys 2000
Gordon Goodwin Swingin for the Fences 2001
Larry Carlton
& Steve Lukather
No Substitutions: Live 2001
Steve Mindick So It Begins 2001
Lana Lane Covers Collection 2002
Jughead Jughead 2002
Rico Garcia The Beginning 2002
Lana Lane Winter Sessions 2003
Eric Norlander Music Machine 2003
Engelbert Humperdinck Definition of Love 2003
Under-Radio Bad Heir Ways 2003
Steve Lukather Santamental 2003
Dan Ramsey Gentle Giants 2003
Robert Downey Jr. The Futurist 2004
Chester E. Smith Monster Groove Party 2004
Raizing Lazarus Raising Lazarus 2004
Rocket Richotte Salute 2004
Vox Tempus In the Eye of Time 2004
Deep Forest Deep Forest 2004
Matt Bissonette Oh No! Bass Solo! 2004
Owen Kortz Owen Kortz 2004
Ryan Cabrera Take it all 2004
Richard Marx My Own Best Enemy 2004
Matt Swindells Matt Swindells 2004
Matt Swindells Matt Swindells Here 2005
Ozzy Osbourne Under Cover 2005
Ten by Tuesday Tearing Down the Walls 2005
Dan Ramsey Everybody's Songs But My Own 2005
Martin Motnik Bass Invader 2005
Brian Setzer Dig That Crazy Christmas 2005
Steve Vai Real Illusions:Reflections 2005
Ray Charles Genius and Friends 2005
Brian Ghiglia Mystery 2006
Dave C. Norman Stratosfear 2006
Santo Garofalo Further Up and Further In 2006
Globus Epicon 2006
Phil Soussan Vibrate 2006
Eric Norlander Hommage Symphoniqe 2006
Michele Pillar I Hear Angels Calling 2006
Dave Rogers Blow Your Mind 2006
Lou Rawls Lou Rawls Christmas 2006
Various Artists 80's Metal Tribute to Van Halen 2006
Rocket Scientists Revolution Road 2006
Harry Shearer Songs Pointed and Pointless 2007
Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee 2007
Andy Summers Synaesthesia 2007
Sasha & Shawna Siren 2007
Mick Abrahams Rattlesnake Shake Guitar:
Music of Peter Green
Code The Enemy Within 2007
Cal Leonard
and His Orchestra
Mr. Irrelevant 2007
Daniel Glen Timms La La Land[9] 2007
Keith Emerson Band:
Featuring Marc Bonilla
Keith Emerson Band 2008
Overland Breakaway 2008
Chris Boardman Midtown Moves 2008
Mustard Seeds Mustard Seeds 3 2008
Marco Cardona Instrumentality 2008
Shadrane Temporal 2008
Dick Wagner Full Meltdown 2009
Colin Hay American Sunshine 2009
Spinal Tap Back from the Dead 2009
Norm Stockton Tea in the Typhoon 2009
Jason Sadites Weve 2009
Randy Jacobs The Return of Randy Dynamite 2010
Grand Illusion Brand New world 2010
Ralf Jung The Art of Pop 2010
The Doobie Brothers World Gone Crazy 2010
Mark Nilan Jr. Hands On 2010
Ringo Starr Live at the Greek Theatre 2008 2010
Jet Velvet Jet Velvet 2010
Dave C. Norman Higher Ground 2011
Cindy Horstman
and Friends
Fretless 2011
Abby Cubey & Margarita Devil Dressed in Lace 2011
Barry Manilow 15 Minutes 2011
Docker's Guild The Mystic Techocracy:
Season 1: The Age of Ignorance
Gianni De Chellis Bondage 2013
Gregg Bissonette Warning Will Robinson 2013
Norm Stockton Grooves & Sushi 2019


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