Carmarthen ministry

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Lord President of the Council The Marquess of Carmarthen 1689–1699
First Lord of the Treasury The Lord Godolphin of Rialton 1690–1697
Chancellor of the Exchequer Richard Hampden 18 March 1690 – 10 May 1694
Lord Keeper In Commission until 1693
The Lord Somers 23 March 1693 – April, 1697
Northern Secretary The Viscount Sydney 26 December 1694–3 March 1695
The Earl of Nottingham 3 March 1692–23 March 1693
Sir John Trenchard 23 March 1693–2 March 1694
Southern Secretary The Earl of Nottingham 2 June 1690–November, 1693
Sir John Trenchard November, 1693–27 April 1695
Archbishop of Canterbury John Tillotson 23 April 1691–22 November 1694
Lord Privy Seal In Commission until 1692
The Earl of Pembroke 1692–1699
Lord Steward The Duke of Devonshire 1689–1707
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of Dorset 1689–1695
Comptroller of the Household The Lord Wharton 1689–1702
Master-General of the Ordnance Vacant until 1693
The Earl of Romney 1693–1702
Lord High Admiral The Earl of Pembroke 1690–1692
The Lord Cornwallis of Eye 1692–1693
The Viscount Falkland 1693–1694
Preceded by
Carmarthen–Halifax ministry
Government of England
Succeeded by
First Whig Junto